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ZENIQ  Technology with Safir provides its clients with a unique ecosystem that seamlessly connects your crypto wallet to your IBAN account. This is one of the very interesting ecosystems because this ecosystem responds with solutions that most if not all of us need. and the biggest advantage is that you can use most of the services offered by Zeniq without investment!



  • Direct recommendation (up to 15 levels deep)

  • Bonus pool (performance bonus)


  • Career levels (bonus payouts)


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Own Blockchain and Exchange

ZENIQ blockchain support the financial ecosystem as a profit sharing medium through the added value generated by the ZENIQ Exchange


ZENIQ SWAP can be considered unrivaled at the moment due to its technical foundation and related mechanics and advantages. By the way, the first transactions on SWAP can be clearly viewed on SmartChain Zeniq

Zeniq Hub

Advanced cold wallet with the addition of multiple cryptocurrencies, fiat money, Zeniq coin miting and more.

Messenger Zeniq

Many people have already tried other applications such as WhatsUp, Telegram, and Signal, but everything turned out to be centralized and not completely secure. ​Truly the first decentralized messenger in the world!

Zeniq APP

Simplified access to the world of cryptocurrencies (in the form of an application with functions such as: deposit of your resources, the ability to quickly exchange or purchase coins, tokens, nft, swap, staking)

Tokenizing Asset

Asset tokenization will revolutionize many industries and unlock trillions of dollars as it not only opens up liquid financial markets for new investors but also illiquid assets such as works of art or real estate.​

In 2017, CZ launched Binance, a new cryptocurrency exchange platform. He wanted to make trading easy for everyone, regardless of whether they were experienced traders or not. This led him to develop a platform where users could trade cryptocurrencies without having to worry about technical details.

Binance Exchange offer you a wide range of options to grow your crypto holdings, even when you’re not trading. With Binance, you have the power to allocate your tokens to different activities and services that we regularly launch on the platform. 



Binance has a wide range of investment instruments for increasing your capital, incl.


Buy and sell over 750 other cryptocurrencies. Almost 70 FIAT money deposit


Locked staking with only 10 USDT worth of assets and reap higher rewards and additional benefits.

Binance Labs

(Invests, and empowers viable blockchain entrepreneurs, startups.


Trade Instantly & Pool Tokens to Earn Rewards

Crypto Loans

Cryptocurrency loans with low interest rates granted instantly


Monetize your market view and enjoy high returns.


Benefit from cometitive interest rates. Stake and earn popular cryptocurrencies.

Refferal Program

Invite Friends Earn 30% commissions

As you can see from our examples above, you can earn more assets on Binance, whether you trade or not. All you have to do is to buy crypto and join one of the many features we offer. Maybe you can also try?
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BlackBull Markets | Forex, CFDs & Commodities | Partnerships

Award-winning New Zeland multi-asset broker

BlackBull Markets is an award-winning, multi-regulated financial service provider offering multi-asset access (shares, options, futures, derivatives, cryptocurrencies, and market research) to both domestic and international clients.
We've created a one-stop-shop offering market-leading platforms connected and powered by our proprietary technology, putting customer experience first. BlackBull is a true broker of electronic communications networks, offering non-transaction solutions specializing in foreign exchange with a range of complementary product ranges to support the consolidation of the portfolio of our clients around the world.


BlackBull Markets offer access to 26,000+ tradable instruments (shares, options, futures, derivatives, cryptocurrencies, and market research) on MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, WebTrader, TradingView, and BlackBull Shares.

In addition, Black Bull offers a number of types of cooperation and the possibility of unlimited earnings, e.g. by: Refer a Friend, Introducing Brokers, CPA Affiliates Program, Regional Representatives