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PUSHD - The decentralized platform that revolutionizes the way buyers and sellers engage in secure and transparent transactions.


Dive into the innovative process that sets Pushd apart:

  1. Sign-up: Embark on your Pushd journey by signing up and crafting your unique profile. Buyers and sellers alike will find our platform to be an intuitive space for interaction.

  2. List Products: Sellers effortlessly showcase their offerings on the Pushd platform, reaching a global audience of potential buyers eager for unique products and services.

  3. Browse Listings: Explore a diverse range of listings with ease and make purchases using Pushd Buyer tokens. Our user-friendly interface ensures a smooth and enjoyable browsing experience.

  4. Complete Transaction: Experience the power of Pushd's blockchain technology as it securely records and verifies transactions. Sellers receive tokens directly, ensuring a trustworthy and efficient process.

The Power of Pushd Token:

  • Access to Platform: Hold Pushd tokens to unlock exclusive access to the platform's features, enhancing your overall buying and selling experience.

  • Lower Fees: Utilize Pushd tokens to pay for transaction fees within the platform, enjoying reduced rates for users actively engaging with Pushd tokens.

  • Voting Rights: Empower yourself with voting rights in Pushd's decentralized governance system. Your input matters, and you can actively participate in shaping the future direction of the platform.

  • Rewards Program: Earn Pushd tokens through our rewarding program, designed to incentivize users for their engagement and contribution to the platform's growth.


  • Token - PUSHD

  • Contract: 0xE084D3069a9B6D1b2d09d21FFAd4a03d1B6496da

  • Blockchain: ETH20

  • Total Supply: 250,000,000

  • Presale 170,000,000

  • Exchange Listings: 30,000,000

  • Staking Rewards: 20,000,000

  • Team Tokens: 18,000,000

  • Partners & Advisors: 5,000,000

  • Collaborations: 4,000,000

  • Legals: 3,000,000

Sales progress as of February 10, 2024


InQubeta Future of AI Technology - Empowering AI Tech Start-Ups with $QUBE Tokens!


InQubeta, the revolutionary platform that invites you to be part of the next frontier in AI technology. Harness the power of $QUBE tokens on the world's first AI crypto crowdfunding platform and play a pivotal role in shaping the future of tech innovation.

Why InQubeta?

1. Invest Securely: With $QUBE, investing in AI start-ups has never been easier or more secure. Our platform provides a robust and transparent environment for you to channel your investments into the most promising AI ventures.

2. Fractional Investment System: Experience the innovation of our fractional investment system, allowing you to own a slice of the action in leading AI start-ups. You can tailor your investments to suit your budget, making it accessible to all enthusiasts.

3. NFT-backed Opportunities: Every investment opportunity is minted into a unique NFT, ensuring authenticity and traceability. Be a part of the AI revolution with tangible digital assets that represent your early backing.

4. Shape the Future: As an early backer on InQubeta, you're not just investing; you're actively contributing to the future of AI technology. Your support helps fuel innovation and drives the success of groundbreaking AI start-ups.

How It Works:

1. Explore Opportunities: Browse through a curated selection of AI start-ups, each presenting a unique investment opportunity.

2. Invest with $QUBE: Utilize $QUBE tokens to invest securely in the projects that resonate with you. Enjoy the benefits of being an early supporter.

3. Engage and Track: Stay engaged with the progress of your investments and track the development of the AI start-ups you've backed.

4. Rewards Await: As these ventures flourish, reap the rewards of being an early believer in the potential of AI technology.


  • Token: $QUBE

  • Contract: 0xE77473C4973ad064E04C80959dd56DD4886efcA9

  • Blockchain: ETH20

  • Total Supply: 1.500.000.000

  • Public Sale: 975.000.000

  • Development Team (3Years Locked): 225.000.000

  • LP + Reward Pool: 150.000.000

  • Marketing: 75.000.000

  • Legal& Advisors: 75.000.000

  • Current pre-sale price: 0.0224$

  • Estimated Launch Price = 0.0308$

  • Buy Tax of: 5%

  • Rewards Pool: 2%

  • Liquidity 1%

  • Marketing 1%

  • Burn 1%

  • Sell Tax: 10%

  • Rewards Pool: 5%

  • Liquidity 1%

  • Marketing 2%

  • Burn 2%

$RBLZ - Embrace the Rebellion with Rebel Satoshi


Meet Rebel Satoshi, the cunning Fox leading the charge with a band of disruptors known as The Recusants. Together, we're building a community-driven meme token that challenges norms, fosters unity, and defies the status quo. Having taken down hedge funds and centralized control mechanisms, we're on a community-driven quest for decentralization. $RBLZ is not just a token; it's a movement set to revolutionize the landscape and usher in a new age of decentralization.

Rebel Ecosystem:

1. Unlock Fame & Exclusive Rewards: Early supporters are invited to join the Rebellion Secret Council (RSC), granting access to clandestine meetings, insider project updates, and a say in plotting the course of the revolt! Shine in the Rebel Meme Hall of Fame by submitting your funniest Recusant memes - the community votes, and the top memes earn a spot in our gallery, bringing laughs and recognition from fellow rebels!

2. Rebel Artefacts Vault: Explore 9,999 unique NFTs in our Rebel Artefacts Vault, discovering a treasure trove of exclusive digital art and collectibles. Dive into a vibrant marketplace, trade unique assets, and celebrate the rebellious spirit of Rebel Satoshi and The Recusants. Each NFT is a piece of our story, representing unity, courage, and defiance against tyranny.

3. Revolutionary Staking Hub: The key to achieving a $100 million market cap is supply and demand. Participate in our Revolutionary Staking Hub, a rewarding and supportive way for community members to strengthen the RebelSatoshi ecosystem while accruing additional value. By engaging in staking and locking up tokens for a determined period, you aid in liquidity and stability. In return, members earn impressive percentage returns as rewards, fortifying their involvement in our decentralized journey.


  • Token: RebelSatoshi 

  • Symbol: #RBLZ

  • Contract: 0xdc75176f4dba6822c5d841af2947d0064ca8c1b3

  • Blockchain: ETH20

  • Total Supply: 250.000.000

  • Presale: 125.000.000

  • Liquidity pools: 50.000.000

  • Rewards: 37.500.000

  • Marketing: 25.000.000

  • Treasury: 12.500.000

  • Listing Price: 0.025$ $RBLZ

  • Total NFTs: 9.999

  • Presale end: 29 Feb 2024

BillionAir $AIRB - Elevating Web3 Gambling to New Heights!


Gambling Redefined: Become the House with BillionAir

BillionAir $AIRB is not just a token; it's the driving force behind the ultimate Web3 gamble and earn hub. Experience unprecedented rewards, endless possibilities, and bridge-building across communities in the world of blockchain gambling.

  • Revolutionary Multi-layered Blockchain Gambling Platform: BillionAir stands as a trustless and secure blockchain ecosystem, offering you the opportunity to own a piece of the exponentially growing gambling industry. With a unique combination of gaming, betting, and a groundbreaking raffle solution, BillionAir provides unparalleled excitement and utility to a global audience.

  • Raffles, Games, and Betting: Explore a diverse range of games and prizes without limitations or borders. Whether you enjoy chance-based or skill-based games, gambling, or raffles, BillionAir turns your dreams into reality. Win digital assets like tokens or NFTs, as well as physical goods such as cars, watches, electronics, and unforgettable trips. Our carefully curated fees and raffle over-collections contribute to staking pools, boosting the ecosystem's growth.

Why $AIRB?

$AIRB is the powerhouse token behind BillionAir, complementing our NFT raffle tickets. This token holds intrinsic value across the platform and the entire web3, featuring staking, built-in deflation, climbing the tier system, favored game entries with lower fees, raffle ticket purchases, and more.

  • Utility of $AIRB: Unlock the full potential of the BillionAir platform with $AIRB, providing additional value throughout the ecosystem.

  • Incentives for $AIRB Holders: Holders of $AIRB receive a share of the platform's revenue and rewards, enjoying staking benefits and climbing the tier system.

  • Price Appreciation: As the BillionAir ecosystem and the broader gambling market expand, the value and demand for $AIRB will grow in tandem.


  • Token: BillionAir

  • Symbol: $AIRB

  • 76d268a89Def5f3e9894Contract: 0xB6b3B930AF6Fa095D718

  • Blockchain: BEP 20 (BNB Chain mainnet)

  • Total Supply:

  • Presale: 410.000.000

  • Staking: 120.000.000

  • Community Incentives: 100.000.000

  • Marketing: 80.000.000

  • Operations & Dev: 50.000.000

  • Treasury: 50.000.000

  • Advisors: 50.000.000

  • Team: 50.000.000

  • Exchange & Liquidity: 50.000.000

  • Airdrop: 10.000.0000

  • Current price: 0.045$

  • Listing price: $0.060$


NEAR Wallet - The next generation Telegram wallet. Create account to use crypto and earn $HOT.

NEAR Token Telegram Wallet

Is it a real wallet?

Absolutely! Creating an account means you're setting up an account on the NEAR blockchain. It's fully functional, allowing you to store, send tokens, or export your account to any other wallet.

What's HOT?

HOT is centerpiece for Telegram wallet with fair launch. Just create an account to start mining HOT.

HOT is the centerpiece of new ecosystem in Telegram.

How to use HOT?

HOT will allow you to cover transaction fees, buy assets in dApps and more. HOT also will be transferable and exchangeable.

How to earn HOT?

HOT will be distributed to early users. To become a miner all you need to do is create an account!

BlackBull Markets | Forex, CFDs & Commodities | Partnerships Award-winning New Zeland multi-asset broker

BlackBull Markets Black Logo.webp

BlackBull Markets is an award-winning, multi-regulated financial service provider offering multi-asset access (shares, options, futures, derivatives, cryptocurrencies, and market research) to both domestic and international clients.

Ranked #1 forex broker in execution speed by 

We've created a one-stop-shop offering market-leading platforms connected and powered by our proprietary technology, putting customer experience first. BlackBull is a true broker of electronic communications networks, offering non-transaction solutions specializing in foreign exchange with a range of complementary product ranges to support the consolidation of the portfolio of our clients around the world.

BlackBull Markets offer access to 26,000+ tradable instruments (shares, options, futures, derivatives, cryptocurrencies, and market research) on MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, WebTrader, TradingView, and BlackBull Shares.

In addition, Black Bull offers a number of types of cooperation and the possibility of unlimited earnings, e.g. by: Refer a Friend, Introducing Brokers, CPA Affiliates Program, Regional Representatives

26,000+ Tradable Intruments

Over 64 currency pairs, precious metals markets, commodities including gas, oil, energy. Lowest transaction costs, Flexible leverage 500:1 on all platforms, spreads 0.0 pips. CFDs and over 26,000 stocks from 80 global markets.

Great Support

Own account manager, with all contact details (email, phone number, skype), 24/7 support available in multiple languages, via email, live chat, and phone with friendly support team.

Trusted and regulated forex broker

Blackbull Markets is registered at 22, 120 Albert Street, Auckland, New Zealand and has company registration number NZBN 94290441417799.
BlackBull is a registered financial services provider in New Zealand with FSP number 403326 and is also a member of the FSCL Financial Dispute Resolution Act. BlackBull Group UK is a registered company with company number 9556804

Accounts for every trader

Access to all our tradeable instruments and an initial deposit of just $0, our commission-free, demo version , 3 types of account.

MetaTrade 4 and 5

MT4 is the most popular trading platform in the world. Trade with MT4 or 5 on desktop, web and mobile devices (Android, IOS) and take advantage of its versatility including tools for simple price analysis, trading signals, Expert Advisors and copy trade

Possibility of cooperation

Unlimited earning potential, Incentive bonuses for referring more business, Variety of payment options, fast and reliable payments on time, every time. Refer a friend, and you could each earn up to 250$, CPA Affiliates Program up to max 1000$ per client, own personal affiliate account manager.

Trading Account Types on Forex Black Bull Markets

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