Are you looking for a browser that blocks ads?


Do you want to browse the internet up to 8x faster?


Would you like to earn money for browsing?

I will show you a browser that meets all these requirements and even more


Brave is an unusual web browser that lets their users navigate through the internet and display content. Just like most of the web browsers, it’s also free to use. Enjoy private,secure and fast browsing with Brave Browser.

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How to load website faster ?​

#Brave is an unusual web browser that lets their users navigate through the internet and display content. Just like most of the web browsers, it’s also free to use. The unusual part is that it’s anti-ad. From the minute you’re going to download brave you’re not going to see a single Ad unless you want to. Although it won’t block search ads. Every tracker will be blocked.

You know the ads that follow you around all the time? The annoying 0nes? Yeah, you don’t have to worry about those anymore.If you’re one of those people who enjoys watching ads, kudos to you because brave will pay you for that. You can turn on ads and brave will pay you a small amount of their Revenue.If you’re a publisher you can get verified with Brave and earn 70% of ad revenue on your website, YouTube Channel or Twitch Channel.


Earning money with the #Brave #browser is extremely simple and there is no catch behind it. The project is revolutionizing the internet space and allows you to receive grants for everyday use of the web. You are invited to browse websites with Brave AdBlocker disabled to receive rewards in the form of BAT tokens - Brave currency. You can also set payments in USD, EURO or PLN. In order to make money from ads in the Brave browser, you must log in to the Brave Rewards program in the browser panel. It is not difficult and does not require much time. In order for the panel to be active and to receive your money, you must also connect it to the virtual Uphold wallet. This process is available from the Brave Rewards panel item and is recommended to complete the verification process. Creating an account on Uphold requires two-step verification using the Authy application, thanks to which we protect even more access to our portfolio. In addition to making money on ads, or rather simply on the daily use of the browser, there are many other ways to receive rewards in the Brave program. They are still developed and addressed to both developers and webmasters, as well as to regular users and, above all, creators. If you have your own website, add it to the panel, in order to expand your earning opportunities with the "tip program" - users visiting your website will be able to reward you for the content by transferring the amount of money you specify to your account.   Another way to make money on Brave is a system of affiliate links. For the new user, it does not matter where he downloads the browser, but if he downloads it from a website like mine, he supports it. Each author of the so-called "Publisher" has the ability to make money through a Brave browser command to other users. The Brave Browser Rewards program is based on the mutual support of browser users and the creators of valuable content.

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