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Emirate Global Capital Markets

Real Estate-based hedge found service with an innovative, enterpreneurial culture.


Are you looking for reliable places to invest with an attractive combination of risk and return ? Become a remote real estate investor. EGCM manages real estate assets for a diverse, sophisticated, global investor base.

My name is Miłosz Sieracki and thank you for checking out my site, I have been involved in my own business in Poland for several years, as well as in the broader cryptocurrency industry, real estate and stock market, self-development and building my passive income I'm the official representative of EGCM and today I would like to tell you more about Emirate Global Capital market offers.

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About EGCM

Emirate Global Capital Markets (EGCM) is a real estate investment fund that specializes in the acquisition, ownership and management of commercial real estate. The Company's objective is to focus on commercial real estate, which is expected to offer an attractive combination of risk and return. EGCM uses a thorough, consistent, and repeatable process to solicit and conduct due diligence. EGCM strive to maximize the operational efficiency of existing properties through a hands-on approach to property management, while monitoring mid-market real estate for opportunities to buy and sell assets as we see fit.

  • Emirate Global Capital Markets. (“EGCM”) manages EGCM Diversified REIT that invests in commercial real estate located in Northern and Central America.

  • EGCM group was founded in 2017 and is headquartered in Abington, PA

  • Since inception, EGCM has sourced and managed properties with a total asset value of approximately $200 million.

  • Asset types sourced and managed include:

  • Industrial/Flex, Retail, Multifamily, and Hospitality

  • EGCM uses full-service property management firms – Dodson Companies and Marshall Hotels & Resorts

  • Dodson Companies, is a full-service real estateproperty management firm with over 30 years of management experience

  • EGCM’s Ralphie T. M. became a Partner in Dodson Companies in 2018 and maintains a 6.32% ownership stake

  • Dodson is the property manager for all of EGCM’s non-hotel properties

  • Marshall Hotels & Resorts is a full-service hotel property management firm

  • The firm was founded in 1980 and currently manages 55 hotels with an average of 120 keys per hotel & resorts

  • EGCM has been working with Marshall Hotels & Resorts for over 3 years

Basic investment philosophies and strategies

EGCM has been supporting the financial future of millions of investors for over 4 years. Under the leadership of the EGCM group, we invest in the development of companies and startups, real estate, infrastructure, renewable energy and private equity, while building long-term relationships with clients from around the world. With expertise in income and alternatives, and being among the first in the industry to practice responsible investing, we continue to expand our capabilities while maintaining our legacy as a leading investment manager.
As a result of our relentless focus on developing our financial products and services to suit each market, combined with successful partnerships with talented and experienced companies from around the world, EGCM has quickly established itself as a global brand. The protection of confidential personal data of customers and partners is our priority.
Our core mission focuses on the most valuable commodity of all time. Valuing time and understanding the importance of efficiency in the volatile, fast-paced world of financial markets, every decision we make is designed to ensure that our clients and business partners, as well as our team of professionals, invest their time wisely. This road is paved with an iron focus on educating our customers. Knowledge is power, and enabling investors to get the best value from their investments is our passion.


We also offer a money back guarantee and 100% principal protection which are clearly stated in the portfolio contract (portfolio contracts are optional). This means that in the event of an economic downturn or a bear market (which is rare), investors will receive a full return within 24-48 hours of claiming their total invested capital and portfolio returns. When an investor joins the EGCM desk, they immediately invest in the properties we manage. The investor's portfolio benefits from the profits made by real estate.

EGCM considers it to be focused on commercial real estate
provides property in North and Central America
an attractive balance of risk and returns.

EGCM intends to use some or all of the following
strategies to improve the performance, quality and value of our investments:

  • Proprietary investment sourcing

  • Consistent and replicable process for sourcing and conducting due diligence

  • Appropriate exit strategy

  • Hands-on portfolio management

  • Focusing on properties in the secondary and tertiary markets in central Americ

EGCM Diversified REIT

  • Approximately $55mm in equity raised from high net worth, small institutions and retail investors

  • Currently invested in 546,651 square feet of retail, 220,000 square feet of flex/industrial and one hotel with a total of 148 rooms

Private REIT Benefits



  • Capital growth opportunities.

  • Consistent passive income generation - within the z asset classrelatively low level of volatility


  • Reliable store of value

  • Inflation protection


Public REITs are strongly associated with public equity markets and relatively volatile. Changes in interest ratesare a source of concern. On the other hand, private REITs they have a longer investment horizon and less frequent pricing.

Emirate Global Capital Markets Asset Overview Current Properties:

Investment Highlights:

  • Experienced Management Team

  • Strong Investment Track Record

  • Strategy of Opportunistic Investing

  • Market Opportunity

Emirate Global Capital Markets (EGCM)
Financial Strategies and Products

Equity Arbitrage Product (Long/Short Equity)

Equity Arbitrage Product Long Short Equity logo.png

This method of investing also includes a core holding of long stocks hedged at all times by short selling of stocks and/or stock index options.
EGCM managers maintain a significant portion of assets in a hedged structure and commonly use leverage. When short selling is used, the hedged assets consist of an equal dollar value of long and short stock positions.
Other options we use use short selling uncorrelated with long positions and/or puts on the S&P 500 index and put spreads. Conservative funds limit market risk by maintaining market exposure from 0 to 100 percent.

benefits product strategy long short.png

The equity arbitrage product is commonly referred to as long/short equity and it is perhaps one
of the simplest and affordable hedge fund product.

In this strategy,
EGCM fund managers can either purchase
stocks that we feel are undervalued or sell
short stocks we deem to be overvalued. We
maintain long and short positions in equity
and equity derivative securities and employ a
wide variety of techniques to arrive at an
investment decision, including both
quantitative and fundamental analysis.

marketing exposure rising from 0 to 100.png

Intensely dynamic processes can magnify market risk by exceeding 100 percent exposure and in some cases maintaining a short exposure. In addition to equities, we sometimes have limited assets invested in other types of securities.

The strategies used in this product may be broadly diversified or narrowly focused on specific sectors and may vary in terms of net exposure levels, leverage applied, holding period. sectors and may vary in terms of net exposure levels, applied leverage, holding period, market capitalization concentration, and valuation ranges of typical portfolios.

The equity product arbitrage product requires a minimum of $1,000(+).

Relative Value Product (Fixed Income/Volatility Arbitrage)


EGCM analyze and take advantage of relative price discrepancies between instruments, including: stocks, debt, options and futures.

We also use mathematical and fundamental analysis to determine misevaluations. Securities are mispriced relative to the underlying security, related securities, groups of securities, or the overall market. We use leverage and seek opportunities globally.

benefits product strategy fixed income.volatility arbitrage.png

In this strategy,

EGCM fund managers maintain positions based on valuation discrepancies in the relationship between multiple securities. We employ a variety of fundamental and quantitative techniques; investments range broadly across equity, fixed income, derivative and other security types.

Financial instruments divisions by egmc.png

EGCM's relative value strategies include dividend arbitrage, pair trading, option arbitrage and yield curve trading. Using relative value strategies, EGCM analysts build market-neutral portfolios to eliminate systematic risk. We also use leverage to maximize low returns on individual trades.


Relative value products are an attractive investment for those looking to diversify their portfolios with assets that are uncorrelated to the broader market. .
Relative Value product requires a minimum of $5,000(+). Switching to this product yields a 1% pass-through premium bonus.

Global Macro Product (Multi-Asset Class)

Global Macro Product three.png

In the global macro product,

EGCM analysts use economic variables and the impact these have on markets to develop investment strategies for our clients. We also employ a variety of techniques including discretionary and systematic analysis, quantitative and fundamental approaches, and long and short-term holding periods.

EGCM invest in stocks, bonds, currencies, commodities, options, futures, forwards and other forms of derivative securities .

We place directional bets on the prices of the underlying assets and they are typically highly leveraged. EGCM has gained a global perspective, and because of the diversity of investments and the size of the markets in which macro products are used, we have become immune to performance issues.

benefits three from global marco plan egcm.png

The outcome of the EGCM macro strategy is a liquid strategy that aims to deliver strong risk- adjusted returns without necessarily relying on rising equity or bond markets. When included in a portfolio, macro strategies provide macro diversification that portfolios focused exclusively on bottom-up analysis lack, thereby improving portfolio performance through return enhancement or risk mitigation.

The global macro product requires a minimum of $15,000(+). Upgrading to this product gives a 2% upgrade bonus.

Managed Futures Products (Commodity Trading - CTA)

Managed Futures Products falling and rising.png

In this strategy,

EGCM analysts trade in these markets using futures, forwards and options contracts in everything from grains and gold, to currencies, stock indexes, and government bond futures. Because we can go both long and short we have the ability to make money in both rising and falling markets.

The strategy includes various active trading approaches that specialize in liquid, transparent, listed futures, options and foreign currencies, and can be considered a liquid, transparent hedge fund strategy. Like long/short equity and equity market neutral hedge fund strategies, the managed futures strategy can take long and short positions in the markets it trades and is available to wealthy investors.

We can apply leverage. The important difference, however, is that leverage in equity hedge funds requires borrowing at a level higher than the London Interbank Offer Rate (LIBOR), while investing in managed futures allows for the efficient use of cash, made possible by low margin requirements in futures contracts.

Instead of letting cash not used for margining collect interest from an investor's futures dealer (FCM), EGCM fund managers can use it to gain more nominal exposure when investing using a managed retail account. As a result, the investor pays no interest because he or she did not have to borrow money to get the additional exposure.

benefits product strategy manage future products.png

Active management and the ability to take long and short positions are key features that distinguish managed futures strategies not only from passive long-only commodity indexes, but also from traditional investments.


The managed futures product requires a deposit of min. 35,000 USD(+). Upgrading to this product gives a 3% upgrade bonus

The benefits of using managed futures as part of a well-balanced portfolio include:

  • Ability to reduce overall portfolio risk

  • Ability to increase total portfolio returns

  • Broad diversification opportunities

  • Ability to generate returns in a variety of economic conditions

  • Limitation of losses through a combination of flexibility and discipline

Multi-Strategy Product (All Terrain Portfolio Product - ATP)

Most EGCM investors have exposure to three or four asset classes in their portfolios: equities, fixed income securities, cash and real estate, which we believe is not sufficient to introduce the benefits of diversification. Accordingly, the All-terrain Portfolio (ATP) strategy aims to shift portfolios toward an approach that is considered more of a multi-asset class and multi-strategy investment style.
Investing in multiple asset classes and strategies means considering every available asset class, in addition to the most popular ones, to include alternative investments such as precious metals and forestry. Then, after gaining exposure to multiple uncorrelated asset classes, seeking to increase or decrease exposure depending on changing investment conditions.

Investing using multiple asset classes and multiple strategies means considering every available asset class, in addition to the most common ones, to include alternative investments such as precious metals and forestry. Then, after gaining exposure to multiple uncorrelated asset classes, we seek to increase or decrease exposure as investment conditions change.

EGCM analysts use a variety of processes to make investment decisions, including both quantitative and fundamental techniques. Strategies can be broadly diversified or narrowly focused on specific sectors and can range widely in terms of net exposure levels, leverage, holding period, market capitalization concentration and valuation ranges.

Different strategies are used in a multi-strategy fund. Some examples are: Convertible Bond Arbitrage; Long / Short Equity; Statistical Arbitrage; and, Merger Arbitrage. All of the field portfolio strategies aim to build investment portfolios that are not solely dependent on the growth of equity markets to generate positive returns.

So, while a portfolio may have many holdings, given that they are all likely to move in the same direction, the portfolio does not benefit from "diversification" in the way we would like. We need holdings that are not driven by the same investment conditions, so that some are performing while others are not.

benefits Multi-Strategy Product All Terrain Portfolio Product.png

In summary, multi strategy and multi asset class approaches provide an opportunity to gain exposure to investments and approaches, which individually and combined, should produce attractive returns by incorporating a diverse range of alternative investment strategies in a wide variety of market conditions.

The multi-strategy product requires a minimum of $55,000(+). Upgrade to this product will give a 4% upgrade bonus.

Benefits of Multi-Strategy Investing:

  • Seek to generate returns while managing risk

  • Target specific and measurable investment outcomes

  • Are dynamically managed

  • Potential to quickly adapt to markets using enhanced

  • Capabilities

  • Limited losses due to a combination of flexibility and discipline

EGCM Risk Management Strategies

I'm the official promotor of EGCM.

Official promotor of EGCM Milosz Sieracki.png
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