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Additional mechanics activated for AVINOC.

AVINOC, incl. The VOO platform, powered by AVINOC, is arguably one of the most innovative crypto projects in the world. With great potential for the future!

New SAFIR Community news (ZENIQ)

In the future, VOO will make booking private, cargo and even medical flights as easy as booking a hotel online. A revolutionary concept for a global market worth billions. The unique solutions provided by VOO surpass anything that has existed on this market so far in many areas. A huge base that has been prepared over the years and will now change the world of flying step by step.

Many market participants have already taken advantage of AVINOC Staking in recent months, thereby significantly increasing their own number of AVINOC tokens through Staking Rewards. However, this process requires some basic knowledge of cryptocurrencies (creating a wallet, buying AVINOC tokens via LaToken, Metamask, etc.). To make it much easier for the entire SAFIR community to participate in the AVINOC Staking program, an additional "mechanic" was launched.


Through achieved benefits to AVINOC Tokens (NFT)

Through achieved benefits to AVINOC Tokens (NFT) coldwallet Zeniq hub safir office

Users receive, depending on their personal settings, AVINOC tokens (displayed in the SAFIR backoffice as "AVINOC / NFT Balance"). When these are claimed, they are sent as NFT to the respective wallet of the ZENIQ app connected to the backoffice and staking starts (NFT with staking period of 10 years / 10% staking rewards per year).

The AVINOC/NFTs incl. Staking Rewards (total 200% over the entire staking period) can be remedied by the respective user through the underlying SmartContract at any time in the ZENIQ App.

Making settings in the back office (Account/NFT Savings Plan)

Each user has the possibility to set in his back office both the activation threshold (amount from which per benefit the "NFT Savings Plan" is applied) and the percentage (how many % of the respective benefit achieved) for the "NFT Savings Plan".

Possible activation thresholds:

100 EURO, 200 EURO ... up to 1000 EURO.

Possible percentages:

5%, 10% ... up to 30%


The lower the activation threshold and the higher the percentage, the more AVINOC (NFT) and the resulting rewards for your stake!


With the lowest activation threshold of 100 EURO and the highest percentage of 30%, this process is carried out with the highest efficiency.

Note: This process is only possible due to the Benefits achieved!

Community benefits with the "NFT Savings Plan"

If the benefit of the user leads to the application of the "NFT Savings Plan", the corresponding upline will also benefit.

5% of the tokens are distributed to the upline (10 LEVELS up) in 10 equal parts to their AVINOC NFT balance (Dashboard) - automated (with dynamic compression).

Users can take these tokens sequentially, which results in the NFT being transferred to the appropriate wallet of the linked ZENIQ application. And the next stake starts (see above).

Overall, this process contributes, among other factors, to the positive development of AVINOC token prices in the medium term.

If you do not know what ZENIQ is yet, I invite you to read my presentation of this project, check and see what services and benefits Zeniq offers(CLICK)

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