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Affiliate Rewards Bootcamp Learn how to become a crypto influencer

Affiliate Rewards Bootcamp. A fast track program featuring a seven-class course designed for anyone who wants to learn how to become a crypto influencer.

Binance Affiliate rewards bootcamp

Open to all users and no crypto experience required. Plus receive up to 3,000 in BUSD rewards and more upon completion of the course.

If you do not have an account on Binance yet, you can set one up in a few moments / From this link, 5% of each transaction is returned to you (click)

Through a 7-class series, we will help you turn you into the best Binance Partner. And as you progress in each class, you'll unlock exclusive rewards and benefits for Affiliates, including extra commission, BUSD rewards, and signup bonuses.

With each class, get one step closer to becoming a crypto influencer

Class 1: What does it mean to become a crypto influencer

Discover all the incentives you’ll unlock as a Binance influencer

Class 2: Introduction to Binance Trading Products

Learn how to use and promote commission-generating Binance features

Class 3: How to create quality and compelling content

Master the art of crypto content creation for different social channels

Class 4: User-generated content for Non-trading Binance Products

Learn how to generate UGC content for Binance non-trading products

Class 5: How to effectively attract and invite new users

Learn techniques to garner more sign-ups with your referral link

Class 6: How to transform your invitees into active users

Learn how to encourage your invitees to use the Binance platform

Class 7: Tips and tricks from a top Affiliate

Get top insights and tips from an experienced Binance affiliate

Bootcamp Projects

Class 1 Project

No project: Gain insights on everything Binance has to offer for our affiliates.

Class 2 Project

Create content for one of the listed topics and achieve a minimum trading volume of 20 BTC among your referrals.

Class 3 Project

Over a 1-month period, create one content piece for the content program that scores at least 20/30 and receives at least 100 views.

Class 4 Project

Generate at least 3 short-form pieces of content on any of the listed class topics with a total of 1,000 views, 300 likes, or 50 shares.

Class 5 Project

Get 30 new registrations over 1 month.

Class 6 Project

Turn 15 of your registrations to active users over a 1-month period with a new trading volume of at least 10 BTC among your referrals

Class 7 Project

No project: Gain exclusive insights from a top affiliate.

If you do not have an account on Binance yet, you can set one up in a few moments / From this link, 5% of each transaction is returned to you (click)

Check here to learn more about the benefits of using the Binance platform

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