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All information from Zeniq Technologies from the latest event in Dubaj 1/2

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

Information straight from the source, i.e. from Zeniq and Safir Technologies from the last event in Dubai. Achieved and planned goals for the next months.

I'm getting straight to the point, because there is a lot of information, the project is in a very good shape and is constantly developing. Zeniq wants to introduce solutions that have not been introduced by any company in the cryptocurrency industry so far! If all goes to plan, you may find that Zeniq and Safir Technologies Enterprise is an ideal company that can generate a good passive income for many years.

1. The first information was a summary of what has been done so far and a short description of the Zeniq project, Why Zeniq ?

The whole business consists of two pillars, one of which is Safir, which has the exclusive rights to sell and distribute all products that come out of Zeniq.

2. What surprised many people was the fact that only 31% of all Safir Zeniq partners (approx. 200,000) invited at least one person to cooperate and activated their affiliate link.

As much as 69% of the accounts on which purchases were made are retail customers. This is very good for the entire project as the forces are distributed very well.

Of course, it is not that network marketing, network, community are not important, but they are only a small part of the entire ecosystem offered by the Zeniq Safir project.

3. The production of Hubs has been completed, shipping will start in December for people who have placed an order for Hub.

The first people have already received their Hubs at the meeting in Dubai.

4. A new tab in the back office menu called "Minting pool Hubs".

There are thousands of different links to the Zeniq blockchain.

At the moment, about 7,000 full Hubs are purchased, the maximum number of hubs is 500,000

5. Another very important element added is Customer Support.

6. In the coming weeks, we can expect the Zeniq application to be combined with our Safir back office and with a more secure method of withdrawing your coins and tokens.

Introducing our very own stable coin, Euro Coin, which will play a key role in the entire Zeniq ecosystem. I will be able to add it to wallet at the end of November.

The cost of the transaction is only 0.01 euro cent.

7. An important element of the entire system is real, reliable and verified information, which is why Zeniq takes important steps in this direction, namely: Among other things, by showing up on various social networks to which news is added.

In the back room, you can independently record reliable material about the Zeniq Safir Technologies project. Additionally, every month 3 people who make the best video are awarded

Zeniq Safir is also available on Telegram, so far it is available in 4 languages. More will be added over time.

Everything under one link you will find all links to all social media, websites, zeniq videos

8.Another new tab in Sapphira's back office, News Tips

With Target group selection:

  • Information for all

  • Information to customers

  • Information to promoters

  • Information based on Career-Level

  • Mutiple other specifications

In addition, a calendar is active, which in the coming weeks will be filled with content, dates of webinars and events.

9. Zeniq puts a lot of emphasis on the proper transfer of information, on proper communication, on ethics that causes the growth of the project. A new page called Fake News has been added. The application catches false information about Zeniq and immediately explains why this information is not true, and what is true in this case, it also serves education.

10. The so-called Certified Promoter program will be added soon.

There will be three levels to achieve. The certification process will take place on the Safir website in the back office. These will be questions and possible answers to issues concerning both Safir and Zeniq, but not only. Generally the whole world of blockchain, business ethics, available products, technical understanding of the whole project


3 levels:

Bronze, Silver and Gold

In the case of achieving ranks in the career of Sapphir. If someone does, for example, the Black Sapphire level and wants to achieve a higher range, he will have to obtain at least the first level of the certificate. What does this mean? That we will have verified and reliable sellers.

11, Additional products and services offered by Zeniq and Safir

The most important pillar of Zeniq is market expansion, blockchain technology. Zeniq is a fintech company that deals with blockchain technology, the production of hardware products

But now, additionally, two new product areas will be introduced that will complement the entire portfolio, offers. Energy Tech - These will be hardware products, gadgets, devices that will make our everyday life easier. Some of these devices are to be related to blockchain technology, others not. The second field will be medical products, because when we are missing one element in life, everything else ceases to be important, namely health. One of the co-owners of Zeniq double doctor Michael Ofner, he specializes in unconventional methods of treatment, the first product is to be released soon.

12 . Another income model, i.e. the cryptocurrency staking market

The greatest wealth will be built in the entire Zeniq and Safir ecosystem not on the sale of Hubs, but on tokenization projects and, above all, on staking. The staking market is huge, worth billions of dollars, the market of which is increasing tremendously every day. It gives real passive income. This market will play a very important role in the Zeniq ecosystem.

Cryptocurrency staking is the process of freezing funds in a wallet (or cryptocurrency market) to support blockchain network operations for which you may receive additional rewards. Staking basically consists in blocking access to a certain amount of a given cryptocurrency for a set period of time, in return for which the network rewards an appropriate reward.


Because blockchain is forcing your tokens to work at this time. They take part in the process of verifying and securing transactions, thanks to which you do not need any bank or other superior institution that deals with this.

In this way, blockchain guarantees network decentralization.

In most cases, the staking process is the responsibility of the users participating in a given project. They do this, for example, via a personal cryptocurrency wallet such as Trust Wallet.

Staking is most often found in blockchain networks based on the Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus algorithm. As of today, many such cryptocurrencies already exist.

3 of the 10 largest cryptocurrencies are intended for staking in over 65%.

  1. Solana (SOL) 77,66 tokens in staking

  2. Cardano (ADA) 70,64%

  3. Polakdot (DOT) 59.05%

The Avinoc token will be the first on the Zeniq blockchain and will be available soon with the possibility of staking!

The material is very extensive, I decided to divide it into several parts. At this point, I invite you to the second part (redirect window at the bottom)

Make your account here and check the possibilities of Zeniq-Safir Ecosystem (click)

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