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All information from Zeniq Technologies from the latest event in Dubaj 2/2

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

Information straight from the source, i.e. from Zeniq and Safir Technologies from the last event in Dubai. Achieved and planned goals for the next months Part 2

The second part of the post dedicated to the latest event in Dubai, namely the event organized by Zeniq & Safri FinTech Technologies.

13.More information about the Zeniq

The main goal of Zeniq is the development of the decentralized world of finance, the development of the DeFi sector of all these digital values, the transition of a large part of the economy to the digital market.

Zeniq Hub is our core product.

14 . Zeniq`s People and Strategic partnerships

  • 25 people work in the Zeniq office in Dubai, they are from different departments (legal, accounting, product development, etc.)

  • 50 Developers, while there is a group of Core Developers of 10 people who have access to proprietary information of the most important things from the entire ecosystem to which the rest of the people do not have access.

  • Support from the Royal family

  • Cooperation with the OCS Group investment bank

  • and of course cooperation with Safir.

15. Zeniq project WhitePaper

There will be two White Papers, the first is a business one. It is ready, written, currently in the testing phase with the so-called big four who are currently checking the WhitePaper Zeniq:

  • Delloitte

  • Ernest & Young

  • KPMG

  • PricewaterhouseCoopers

The second WhitePaper will be technical, technological, related only to tokenization,

16. Listing Zeniq Coin on

First, Zeniq Coin will appear on the CryptoCompare portal. After, it is the second largest company dealing with the listing of all coins. We received information that ZeniqCoin is to appear there within a few days. Coinmarketcap will be next.

17. Zeniq token on Binance Smart Chain

Zeniq coin enters wrraping on Binance Smart Chain

Double-check the contract address, because there will be information that there are already counterfeit Zeniq tokens.

To trade on the PanCake exchange, you need BNB coins for the transaction fees. The stock market also has its own token called Cake, thanks to which you have many different opportunities to earn on PancakeSwap

You can buy BNB and Cake cryptocurrencies on one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges, Binance. Follow the link below and you will receive a permanent bonus of 5% discount on transaction fees (click)

18. Zeniq token on PancakeSwap, i.e. on DEX Binance

I already wrote a post on this topic. Find out more here.

19.Zeniq Card

Zeniq debit card - owner Erwin Dokter said that there is no problem to introduce the so-called `` White Label '' solution, but Zeniq wants to have its own card, and have 100% control. Therefore, such a solution is already being prepared. The card will be connected to the Hub, it will have access to IBAN, of course, it will be possible to pay for transfers all over the world. We can expect it at the beginning of next year.

20. Zeniq Hubs

Much was said about Zeniq Hubs, what possibilities they have, what can be done on them today.

Hub RoadMap:

  • Darkmode

  • Euro Wallet (Zeniq stablecoin)

  • Pairing with Zeniq App

  • Addressbook / Contact Mangement

  • Notifications

  • Minting to Zeniq App (Minting/Housed Hubs)

  • Crypto wallet (Btc,eth,ltc …)

  • Coin swapping functionality

  • Privacy Enhancement

  • 3rd Factor Authenication

  • Identity Management (ID-Scan/2nd Factor Authentication)

  • Social backup/ Trusted Hub key distribution

21. ZeniqSwap

As we already have PancakeSwap, the Dex ZeniqSwap will also be created, not to be confused with the cryptocurrency exchange that will be created.

It will be used like other decentralized exchanges such as uniswap, pancakeswap for trading or exchanging tokens as well as staking

22. Zeniq Smart Chain

We will have a token called ZEN-20 on our smart chain that will play a very important role in the entire tokenization process.

Valuable information on the source code why it is not open.

Since the developers did it for the protection of the project, the source code has to be open and at some point it will be open, but revealing it too quickly would be shooting yourself in the knee. Making all the technology available would be dangerous in this phase.

I chose the most important information from among the gigantic presentation that was prepared at the Zeniq Event in Dubai.

The entire material consists of 130 slides. Soon it will appear as a pdf file on my Zeniq landingpage (click)

If you have any information, feel free to write to me in the chat (icon on the right)

If you are interested in the Zeniq Project and would like to become a part of it, be sure to visit this tab and create an account today.

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