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Analysis: Natural Gas Prices, Geopolitical Tensions and Winter Projections | Financial Insights

Natural Gas Prices Geopolitical Tensions and Winter Projections. World, Gas Rafinery

Natural Gas prices have faced significant pressure this week, correcting from the previous week's remarkable rally. The dynamics of the market are complex, with the US Dollar caught in a tug of war between Israel-Hamas war safe-haven flows and rising US Treasury yields. In this article, we will delve deep into the factors influencing Natural Gas prices, the geopolitical landscape, and the technical analysis of this vital energy commodity.

Market Overview

Natural Gas Prices: A Long-Term Uptrend

Despite the recent correction, Natural Gas prices are still in a long-term uptrend. The favorable winter season ahead is expected to bring more upside. Investors and market participants are keeping a close eye on the factors driving this bullish sentiment.

European Gas Supply and Winter Preparations

One of the key drivers behind the recent drop in Natural Gas prices is the above-average gas supply to Europe, even after the closure of the import of Israeli gas via Egypt. With European gas tanks filled to capacity, the European Union (EU) is well-prepared to face the upcoming cold temperatures of winter. This is a significant development, considering the potential impact of geopolitical tensions on energy markets.

Geopolitical Tensions

Geopolitical tensions are always a critical factor in energy markets. With recent events such as overnight bombings in the Middle East and US military actions, the potential for a spike in gas prices in the short run cannot be ignored. The uncertainty in the region could have far-reaching consequences.

Future Gas Supply

A recent report by the Thinktank 'The Institute of Energy Economics, Japan' (IEEJ) suggests that the world will need a staggering $7 trillion to ensure there is sufficient gas supply through 2050. This underscores the importance of natural gas in the global energy landscape.

Baker Hughes Gas Rig Count

Keeping an eye on the Baker Hughes Gas Rig Count is a standard practice in the industry. The count, due to be published, will provide insights into the current state of gas exploration. The previous number was 117, significantly lower than the 167 high in 2022, and the market has no specific expectations for the upcoming release.

Technical Analysis - Risk Premium Over the Weekend

Natural Gas prices have experienced a substantial increase, up over 25% since the beginning of the turmoil in the Gaza region. As we head into the winter season, volatility is expected to pick up. Prices are projected to ease initially, but risk premiums will likely be factored in due to tensions in the Middle East. This becomes especially relevant during the winter period when gas demand is expected to surge.

Price Resistance Levels

It's crucial to consider potential price resistance levels. As of now, there aren't any significant resistance levels except for $3.65, which marks the peak of January 17. Beyond that point, the high of 2023, near $4.3080, comes into play.

Potential Downside

On the downside, the trend channel has failed to act as support near $3.37. Natural Gas prices might briefly dip to $3.07, which can be identified from the double top formation around mid-August. If the drop turns into a broader sell-off, prices could potentially sink below $3, near the 55-day Simple Moving Average.

Natural Gas Price on Blackbull Market 22-10-2023

In conclusion, the Natural Gas market is experiencing a dynamic phase with numerous influencing factors. The interplay between supply and demand, geopolitical tensions, and technical analysis all contribute to the intricate movements in gas prices. As winter approaches, the energy market will remain a focal point for investors and analysts.

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