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Audit of ZENIQ Ecosystem: Unveiling the Truth | FOREUS Report

Audit of Zeniq Ecosystem by Foreus. To safeguard our community

In the fast-paced world of blockchain and cryptocurrency, it's not uncommon to encounter self-proclaimed "experts" who assert their findings as irrefutable truths. However, upon closer examination, many of these so-called experts often reveal themselves to be equipped with nothing more than superficial knowledge. In recent months, these debates have intensified, with competitors in the market openly challenging the uniqueness, transparency, and accuracy of projects like the ZENIQ ecosystem, even questioning the existence of its own blockchain, SmartChain. Have you come across individuals like this in the blockchain sphere? It's time to separate fact from fiction.

A Comprehensive Audit (Forensic Audit) of the Entire ZENIQ Ecosystem

To put these doubts to rest, one of the most respected forensic intelligence companies embarked on an exhaustive audit of the ZENIQ ECO SYSTEM. This in-depth analysis spanned several months and involved a meticulous review of all aspects of the ecosystem. The company entrusted with this monumental task is none other than "FOREUS," a name synonymous with excellence in the world of forensic intelligence.

The Unparalleled Reputation of FOREUS

FOREUS is a company whose reputation stands as high as the stakes in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry. Its services are not limited to any single sector; they are employed by industrial companies, banks, crypto exchanges, insurance firms, auditors, and even law enforcement agencies. To explore more about FOREUS, you can visit their website: FOREUS Website.

A Glimpse into FOREUS

Foreus combines "Open Source Intelligence" with software-assisted information gathering from the darknet, using analytical and forensic methods to craft comprehensive and legally sound reports. Their expertise encompasses:

  • Corruption and fraud investigation services

  • Investigation services for hacker attacks and industrial espionage

  • Investigation services for crypto and financial crime

  • Security consulting

  • Security audits of crypto exchanges

  • Negotiations with hacker groups

  • With such an extensive range of services, it's evident that FOREUS is well-equipped to conduct a forensic audit of the ZENIQ ecosystem, leaving no stone unturned.

A 100-Page Report of Clarity

The results of the forensic audit are encapsulated in a document spanning approximately 100 pages. This extensive report formally validates what those involved in the ZENIQ ecosystem have always known: ZENIQ is not merely unique, it's a guiding light towards the future.

ZENIQ Forensic Audit
Download PDF • 751KB

The Vision of SAFIR

Behind this remarkable achievement stands SAFIR, a dedicated team that has been committed to the development and growth of the ZENIQ ecosystem. Their unwavering dedication and belief in ZENIQ have been instrumental in bringing this comprehensive audit to fruition.

A Positive Revelation from BDV (Bund der Verbraucher)

Notably, a few months ago, one of Germany's most prestigious consumer associations, the "BDV / Bund der Verbraucher," published a test report that extended beyond ZENIQ to include its collaboration partners. This report was the culmination of extensive research, conducted by experts and legal professionals from diverse fields. It included:

  • Analysis of the MLM distribution system

  • Expert opinion on competition law

  • Expert opinion on regulatory treatment

  • And much more

  • The outcome of this audit echoes the findings of the forensic audit conducted by FOREUS - an overwhelmingly positive affirmation of the integrity and ingenuity of the ZENIQ ecosystem.

In summary, the audit results are nothing short of extraordinary. ZENIQ has not only weathered the storm of skepticism but has emerged stronger and more validated than ever before.

In a world rife with misinformation and unsubstantiated claims, it is reassuring to have concrete evidence in the form of forensic audits that support the authenticity and promise of groundbreaking projects like ZENIQ.

Entering the world of SAFIR is a straightforward process .The following steps outline how individuals can join and participate:​

  1. Register for free on HERE(CLICK) and create a personal backoffice.

  2. Explore and familiarize yourself with the backoffice, which offers valuable resources and information.

  3. Choose a masternode product portfolio pack that aligns with your investment goals.

  4. Activate your minters (masternodes) to start producing your digital assets 24/7.

  5. Download the NOMO App and connect it with your backoffice for seamless asset management and communication.

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