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AVINOC NFT ETH Transformed to AVINOC NFT ZEN20: Unlocking Tremendous Benefits and Savings

Updated: May 22, 2023


Discover the groundbreaking transformation of AVINOC NFT ETH into AVINOC NFT ZEN20, leading to a multitude of advantages and cost savings for users. By implementing a personalized NFT saving plan, users can now receive AVINOC NFTs and experience immediate staking on the NOMO App. With a staking period of 10 years and staking rewards of 10% per year, the migration to the ZENIQ Smart Chain revolutionizes the process. Read on to explore the remarkable benefits and savings potential that lie ahead.

Unveiling the AVINOC NFT ZEN20 on the NOMO App: The moment users claim their AVINOC NFTs, these unique assets are promptly sent as NFTs to the designated wallet within the NOMO App, intricately linked to the back office. Simultaneously, the staking process is initiated, allowing users to maximize the potential of their NFT holdings. Notably, the AVINOC NFT ETH has now transformed into the AVINOC NFT ZEN20 upon the commencement of staking.

Empowering Users with AVINOC/NFTs and Staking Rewards: Through the underlying Smart Contract integrated into the NOMO App, users retain complete control over their AVINOC/NFTs, including the associated staking rewards. Over the 10-year staking period, users can expect an impressive total of 200% staking rewards. At any given time, users have the flexibility to address their AVINOC/NFTs and staking rewards directly within the NOMO App, ensuring a seamless experience. When resolving a Staking Reward linked to an AVINOC NFT ZEN20, users will receive their respective rewards in AVINOC ZEN20 Tokens.

Unleashing the Power of Cost Efficiency: The migration to the ZENIQ Smart Chain ushers in a new era of cost efficiency for users. By replacing AVINOC NFT ETH with AVINOC NFT ZEN20, users benefit from substantial cost savings. The reduced transaction costs associated with ZEN20 compared to ETH are truly remarkable. As a result, users can unlock significant advantages and capitalize on the potential for enhanced savings.

Progressing Steadily towards a Bright Future: The transformation from AVINOC NFT ETH to AVINOC NFT ZEN20 represents a remarkable step forward. With each passing moment, the NOMO App and the underlying infrastructure continue to evolve, paving the way for an exciting future. Users can embrace this journey of progress and revel in the tremendous benefits and opportunities that await.

The migration of AVINOC NFT ETH to AVINOC NFT ZEN20 is a game-changer for users. By implementing a personalized NFT saving plan, users can unlock a multitude of benefits and savings. The NOMO App seamlessly facilitates the staking process, allowing users to maximize their AVINOC/NFTs and enjoy 10% staking rewards per year. With cost efficiency at the forefront, the transition to ZENIQ Smart Chain empowers users with significant savings in transaction costs. Embrace the future of AVINOC NFT ZEN20 and embark on a journey of progress, step by step.

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