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Binance Exchange Contest - Learn and Earn COS - $ 75,000 split in Contentos (COS) tokens

Discover the Contentos (COS) token on the Binance exchange, take part in one of two contests and win COS tokens, $ 75,000 to split.

If you do not have an account on Binance yet, you can set one up in a few moments / From this link, 5% of each transaction is returned to you (click)

Contest A: Buy and Trade Contentos to Share $30,000 in COS

This activity features a prize pool of $30,000 in Contentos tokens, shared by the top 100 users ranked by net transaction volume across all COS spot trading pairs on Binance Trading Platfrom during the activity period.

Users must fulfill one of the three options below to be eligible for Contest A:

  • Option 1: Make a crypto purchase via Credit or Debit Card of at least $50 worth of COS tokens.

  • Option 2: Deposit fiat of at least $50 equivalent in available currencies AND spot trade at least $50 worth on any COS pairs.

  • Option 3: If you are a Tokocrypto or user, connect your wallet to your Binance account, make a transfer from your wallet to Binance wallet AND spot trade at least $50 on any COS pairs.

Contest B: Learn and Earn a Share of $45,000 in Contentos

During the activity period, users who take the quiz in THIS FORM and make a crypto purchase via Credit or Debit Card of at least $50 worth of Contentos (COS) tokens will share a prize pool of $45,000 in COS tokens.

Rewards Calculation:

Contentos (COS) Reward for an Eligible Participant = (Individual Participant’s Correctly Answered Questions / Total Number of Correctly Answered Questions from All Qualified Participants) * $45,000 in COS.

All users should click the Register Now button on this page to successfully participate in the promotion

For Brazil only: Binance users paying with credit/debit cards will be charged the IOF tax with every card transaction on Binance.


  • Activity Period: 2022-01-24 09:00 AM (UTC) to 2022-01-30 11:59 PM (UTC)

  • Binance will use the closing price at 2022-01-30 11:59 of the local currency to USD foreign exchange rate for each participant as the exchange rate used for calculating the $50 minimum purchase requirement.

  • Binance will use the closing price at 2022-01-30 11:59:59 PM (UTC) of ​​COS/BUSD trading pair as the COS exchange rate used for rewards distribution.

  • Rewards will be allocated in COS to winners’ Binance wallets within 14 days after the promotion ends.

  • Binance reserves the right to disqualify any participants showing signs of fraudulent behavior immediately.

  • Binance reserves the right at any time in its sole and absolute discretion to determine and/or amend or vary these terms and conditions without prior notice. This includes but is not limited to cancelling, extending, terminating or suspending this promotion, the eligibility terms and criteria, the selection and number of winners, and the timing of any act to be done, and all participants shall be bound by these amendments.

Why I choose Binance?

Among the very few options that meet the criteria, I want to invite you to join



  • ​It is the world's largest cryptocurrency exchange by volume of trading

  • It has 26 supported languages

  • Multiple deposit and withdrawal methods

  • Wide range of trading pairs (Over 750!)

  • lowest fees,unbeatable matching engine

  • 24/7 support prepared to resolve your issues in 11 languages.

  • Offers an ecosystem of cryptocurrency products and services like no other, incl.

  • Ability to save and earn cryptocurrency staking

  • Cryptocurrency loans Binance has its own mining field

  • Affiliate Program

  • App on Android and IOS

  • Binance Credit Card

  • Gift Cards

  • Own Blockchain

  • Own Token called Binance Coin (BNB),

  • They recently opened a decentralized exchange named PanCake Swap along with the Cake token

  • Exchange it has complex financial instruments like margin, leverage and much more

  • Binance Launchpad

  • Binance NFT

  • And much much more

If you do not have an account on Binance yet, you can set one up in a few moments / From this link, 5% of each transaction is returned to you (click)

Check here to learn more about the benefits of using the Binance platform

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