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Binance Trading Platform Upragde VIP Program

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

Binance is excited to announce that will upragde the VIP program at 2021-12-21 06:00.

In order to better serve our users, Binance will update the denomination and lower the trading volume requirements in the VIP Program and BNB balance.

  • The denomination of the last 30 days’ trading volume will be changed from BTC to BUSD.

  • The trading volume requirement will be lowered for each VIP tier.

  • The BNB balance requirement will be reduced by half for each VIP tier.

Detailed Terms for VIP Program Upgrade:

  • To qualify for the VIP Program, the user’s last 30 days’ spot trading volume on Binance must be at least 1,000,000 BUSD or the user’s last 30 days’ futures trading volume must be at least 15,000,000 BUSD. Plus, the user’s BNB balance must be at least 25 BNB.

  • Spot trading volume calculation counts Spot, Margin, Liquid Swap and Binance Leveraged Tokens (BLVTs) trading volume.

  • Futures trading volume calculation counts USDT-Margined and Coin-Margined futures trading volume.

  • Trading volume will be calculated in BUSD using the conversion rates at the time of the snapshot, each day at 23:59:59 (UTC).

Updated VIP structure:

Spot Trading

Coin-Margined Futures

USDⓈ-M Futures

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