• Sieracki Milosz

CDL Tokens give you many possibilities

Updated: May 6, 2020

CoinDeal Token has far more items than you think. Of course, you can sell them, but remember that the right amount of CDL allows, among other things, reduce the transaction commission on CoinDeal to zero.

Already 100 #CDLs provide you with the opportunity to earn by voting for new cryptocurrencies. In addition, you will gain much more in our #Affiliate Program, and pay for services on our site with a Token. Lower your commissions with CDL! Thanks to CDL #Tokens you are able to reduce your transaction commissions by up to 0%. The more tokens you have on your account, the lower the commission you will pay. With 150,000 CDL Tokens, your commission will disappear completely. CDL on Whitebit! We are pleased to announce that #CoinDeal Token will soon be listed on the Whitebit stock exchange. Access will be up to two pairs.

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