• Sieracki Milosz

CoinDeal on USA market

Dear User,

entering our stock market on the US market has many benefits for all traders on CoinDeal. The stock exchange will benefit from liquidity and a higher trading volume on the platform.

This involves the obligation to unify and update the rules and conditions for using CoinDeal. Changes in the verification process that have recently been introduced will allow us to take even more care about the security of your funds.

Changes in the regulations for the Basic and Premium Account and in the AML & KYC regulations are effective from November 25, 2019. All changes are available here. We would also like to point out that not accepting the changes will result in closing your CoinDeal account.

The new regulations for Premium Accounts apply to those users who purchased Premium after the new regulations entered into force.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our support department.
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