DeFi on Smart Trade GO - Profit report from the first week of work of the STC team and mine

DeFi trading tools bot at Smart Trade Coin from 3 rd of March 2021

The first summary of the work of trading tools from Smart Trade GO in the new market (DeFi)

DeFi investment services have been functioning on Smart Trade Coin for a week now. Therefore, we have prepared a report on the profits generated during this period.
During the week, investments on Ethereum have generated 11.59% profit.
Bitcoin has generated 10.67% during this time.
This is the first week of operation of investments in this sector, so such results are all the more satisfying. The popularity of DeFi is constantly growing and more and more institutional players show their commitment to this sector.
We encourage you to invest in DeFi via Smart Trade Coin. Together we can achieve even more and change the financial system around the world.

In the screenshots below, I present my trading tools on the DeFi market. 7 bots in BTC and one in ETH

Arranged from the shortest working to the longest. Investment amount, profit in crypto and conversion to USDT


On the last day of each month, I submit a detailed profit report for the last 30 days. The next report will be available on March 31, now I invite you to watch it.

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