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Earn with Coindeal exchange by inviting friends.

Earn money with CoinDeal by inviting friends. Earn in over 60 cryptocurrencies for each transaction of the referred person.

1. Register on CoinDeal

2. Copy your unique referral link form affiliate program page

3. Send the link to your friends

4. Earn 20% from fee on every transaction made by your friends

When you get your earnings?

We don't set any limits for your earnings

Payouts are done once a month to your wallets

Do with them whatever you want

Invite 100 friends and join the VIP Club

Earnings from your friends

On top of the first level 20% earnings from fee with VIP club, you get the second level of 4% earnings if your friends will start inviting!

Lower your fees

By inviting 100 people to join our program, you can reduce your trading fees to 0.2% (maker) and 0.3% (taker).

Get a priority

Get contact with your individual support person from our Support Team and don't wait for help!

Stay up to date

Read the exciting news about the exchange earlier than the rest of the users and get a special newsletter with all planned promotions or changes on the website.

Start inviting and earn money with CoinDeal

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