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Function "SEPA Deposit" activated ZENIQ SAFIR Technology

Function "SEPA Deposit" activated in Safir back office.

Important clarifcation Function "SEPA Deposit" activated in Safir back office.

An additional feature was already activated in the SAFIR back office yesterday. In the course of yesterday, a few more small adjustments were made in the live environment. Under the menu item Balance / SEPA Deposit, customers/partners can now also carry out transactions using FIAT currencies in order to make purchases in the Zeniq-Safir Shop, for example.

In order to use this function, a complete banking KYC process must of course be completed. The data provided must be complete and correct. This means, among other things, that the name must be entered as stated in the identification document used, e.g. passport. So also, if applicable, the second first name etc.

The client/partner is guided through the process by the programme:

Step 1:

Execution of the Banking KYC for SEPA Deposit. Documents required for this:

  • Passport or identity card or ResidenceCard (country-specific).

  • Proof of address, such as electricity bill, telephone bill, etc.

Step 2:

Enter the details of your own account from which the transfer is to be made (must be a bank account in YOUR OWN name!).

This service is initially available to all customers/partners with residence/bank account in the SEPA area. The availability of this option for other regions of the world will take some time, but is also planned and in preparation.


Due to bank charges, only transactions of at least 100 EUR are possible. If, for example, the real-time transfer function is selected (if your own bank offers this service), the transaction to the back office is completed in a few minutes

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