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GBP/USD and EUR Expedition: Unearthing Support, Challenging Resistance, and the factors

Navigating GBP/USD: Unraveling Key Support, Overcoming Resistance, and Unveiling EUR/USD Dynamics

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In world of foreign exchange markets, the GBP/USD pair has been a focal point for traders and economists alike. Its recent movements have drawn attention, with the pair holding above a crucial support level of 1.2590, a level established in late June. In this article, we delve into the technical analysis provided by economists at Credit Suisse, who offer insights into the potential trajectory of GBP/USD.

Holding the Line: Support at 1.2590

The first significant point of consideration is the key support level at 1.2590. For GBP/USD to avoid a potential downturn, maintaining this support is imperative. A breach below this level could mark the establishment of a price top, setting the stage for a more sustained decline. However, it's worth noting that the market anticipates fresh buyers to emerge if this support is tested, potentially mitigating the downside.

Navigating Resistance: A Path to Upside Bias

To ease the immediate downside bias, GBP/USD needs to surpass certain resistance levels. The 13-day exponential moving average and the recent reaction high at 1.2779/93 pose as hurdles that, if cleared, could shift sentiment towards the upside. Nonetheless, a more significant breakthrough is required to reaffirm the broader uptrend. This entails surpassing the recent 'outside day' high at 1.2997. Only then can we anticipate a resurgence of strength, with potential targets at the 1.3143 high and eventually 1.3400/14.

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Exploring Downside Scenarios

Conversely, a close below 1.2590 could signal a different trajectory. Such an outcome might lead to the establishment of a price top, opening the door for a more substantial decline. The focus would then shift towards testing the rising 200-day moving average (DMA) and the May low at 1.2345/07. It's important to note that even in this scenario, market dynamics suggest the potential emergence of fresh buyers, further emphasizing the significance of this support level.

The Role of ECB and Fed Forecasts: Implications for EUR/USD

While our primary focus has been on GBP/USD, it's essential to consider broader economic factors that can influence currency pairs. Economists at Commerzbank provide insights into the European Central Bank (ECB) and the Federal Reserve (Fed) forecasts, particularly their implications for the EUR/USD pair.

The Credibility Factor

The ECB and the Fed have taken differing approaches to their key rates. Unlike the Fed, the ECB is hesitant to cut its rates further. This distinction has significant implications for the EUR/USD pair. The ECB's reluctance to lower rates even in the face of falling inflation lends it a sense of credibility as an inflation fighter. This perception could potentially benefit EUR/USD in the short to medium term.

The Inflation Conundrum

The dynamics could shift if Eurozone inflation were to rise again in the middle of the upcoming year. Such a scenario might prompt a reversal in the perceived stance of the ECB as an inflation fighter. This reversal, coupled with potential rate adjustments, could lead to a weakening of the EUR/USD pair.

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In conclusion, the GBP/USD pair is at a crucial juncture, with support at 1.2590 serving as a pivotal point. The technical analysis provided by Credit Suisse sheds light on potential pathways for the pair's movement. While upside bias requires overcoming resistance levels, a breach of support could lead to a different narrative. Furthermore, the interplay between ECB and Fed forecasts adds an additional layer of complexity to the broader currency market dynamics.


  1. What is the significance of the 1.2590 support level for GBP/USD? The 1.2590 support level is crucial for GBP/USD, as holding above it could determine the pair's future direction.

  2. What are the potential outcomes of breaching the 1.2590 support? Breaching the 1.2590 support could lead to the establishment of a price top, possibly initiating a more sustained decline.

  3. How might the ECB's approach differ from the Fed's in terms of key rates? Unlike the Fed, the ECB is cautious about cutting its key rates, which could impact the dynamics of currency pairs like EUR/USD.

  4. What role does inflation play in the ECB's stance on rates? The ECB's approach to rates is influenced by inflation trends, which can impact the perceived credibility of the institution.

  5. How could a potential rise in Eurozone inflation affect EUR/USD? A rise in Eurozone inflation could lead to a reversal in the ECB's perceived stance and potentially weaken the EUR/USD pair.

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