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GBPUSD Surges: Traders Bullish on British Pound Ahead of Rate Decisions

Updated: Aug 2

Unveiling the Dynamics of GBPUSD: Traders, Rates, and Risk Events.

british pound GBP on forex charts

In the world of forex trading, the GBPUSD currency pair has been the center of attention recently. Traders are closely monitoring the market as they anticipate potential shifts in the value of the British pound and its impact on the US dollar. This article delves into the current market sentiment, the expectations of traders, and the crucial events that could influence the GBPUSD exchange rate.

1. Traders' Bullish Stance on the British Pound

As of July 11, there has been a remarkable surge in net long positions on the British pound, amounting to a staggering $4.7 billion. This is the highest level of bullish sentiment since mid-2014. Traders are optimistic about the future of the British pound, and this positive outlook is largely driven by their expectations of interest rate hikes by the Bank of England.

2. Anticipated Bank of England Rate Hikes

Traders firmly believe that the Bank of England will implement additional interest rate hikes in the near future. This conviction has further strengthened due to their perception that the United States is close to reaching the peak of its interest rate cycle. The upcoming meeting of the US Federal Reserve on July 26 has prompted them to take a bullish stance on the British pound and anticipate potential downward pressure on the US dollar.

3. UK Inflation Data: A Key Risk Event

One crucial factor that traders are closely watching is the UK's inflation figures. The data, scheduled to be released at 2 am (NY time) on Wednesday, is expected to show a drop in the inflation rate from 8.7% to 8.2%. However, despite this anticipated decrease, it is projected to remain four times higher than the Bank of England's official target.

4. GBPUSD's Exploration of Lower Levels

Analyzing the chart of the GBPUSD, it is evident that the currency pair has been exploring lower levels following a test of a high target near 1.31465 on the daily chart last Friday. There was a modest corrective downward move observed on Friday, which continued into the first trading day of the following week. As a result, the 20-day moving average caught up with the price action, creating an interesting market scenario.

British Pound U.S Dollar BlackBull Market forex chart

5. The Crucial Barrier: 1.3000 Level

Traders are currently speculating whether sellers can exert enough pressure to push prices below the psychologically significant level of 1.3000 ahead of the release of UK inflation data. This is a critical juncture for the GBPUSD, and the outcome could determine the short-term direction of the currency pair.

6. Uncertainty in the Market

Adding to the complexity of the situation is the presence of buying pressure, which introduces an element of uncertainty. The interplay between bullish traders and potential sellers has created an intriguing market dynamic that leaves investors eagerly waiting for the UK inflation data to make their moves.

7. Conclusion

The GBPUSD is currently facing crunch time, with traders holding a bullish outlook on the British pound and anticipating downward pressure on the US dollar. The Bank of England's expected interest rate hikes and the upcoming UK inflation data release are crucial events that will significantly impact the currency pair's trajectory.

As traders closely watch and analyze the market dynamics, they must remain vigilant and responsive to sudden shifts in sentiment and market conditions. The next few days could potentially shape the GBPUSD's movement and offer profitable opportunities for savvy investors.


1. What is the current sentiment on the GBPUSD?

As of July 11, traders are heavily bullish on the British pound, with net long positions exceeding $4.7 billion, the highest level since mid-2014.

2. What is driving the bullish sentiment on the British pound?

Traders expect the Bank of England to implement additional interest rate hikes, and they perceive the US rates to be reaching their peak, which could put downward pressure on the US dollar.

3. When is the UK inflation data scheduled for release?

The UK inflation data is due at 2 am (NY time) on Wednesday.

4. What is the expected inflation rate, and how does it compare to the Bank of England's target?

The expected inflation rate is 8.2%, which is anticipated to remain four times higher than the Bank of England's official target.

5. What is the critical level to watch for in the GBPUSD?

Traders are closely monitoring the psychologically important level of 1.3000, and its breach or defense could impact the currency pair's direction.

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