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Get ready for the ZENIQ DEBIT CARD!

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

Zeniq debit card with interface
Delivery of the ZENIQ DEBIT CARD in full swing

All those who have ordered a ZENIQ Debit Card (plastic version) and confirmed the delivery pop-up will receive their ZENIQ Card in the mail shortly. All test deliveries completed successfully. This means that many users have already received their cards.

Annual limit:

  • The planned annual limit for the card (depot) has been increased from the originally planned €50,000 to €100,000.

  • The provider (CardCompact) requires a so-called SOF (Source of Funds) if it exceeds EUR 15,000 within 12 months. special function: - ZENIQ Debit Card (MasterCard) can be topped up with digital assets (cryptocurrency) and bank transfer.

  • Especially the integration of Euro coins makes the ZENIQ debit card unique and extremely user-friendly.

  • Since the ZENIQ Debit Card is a MasterCard, it can be used for payments worldwide.

User Interface: provides an interface for card activation, loading and a transparent overview of transactions, payments, etc. The interface, including the website, is already activated (login is only possible after receiving the ZENIQ debit card).

Service provider:

The company "Mountain Wolf" was taken over as a service provider (debit card customer support). The company specializes in support in this field and has been cooperating with suppliers (ZENIQ DEBIT CARD contract partners) for many years. In addition to all customer support related to debit cards, ZENIQ Coin and Co. will also be listed on the "Mountain Wolf" platform in a few weeks.

We're proud to announce that the delivery to the ZENIQ DEBT CARD marks another major step forward for the ZENIQ ecosystem!


We hope that as many people as possible will receive their ZENIQ Debit Card before Christmas. However, due to the overload of delivery services at this time of year, this cannot be guaranteed. The delivery of the metal cards will take place directly after the complete delivery of the plastic cards.

If you have not yet heard about Zeniq, and in particular about its products and the benefits of using them, I invite you to read a short presentation. (CLICK)

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