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Gold's Upward Momentum: Bond Yields Drop and USD Weakens on Economic Data

Updated: Aug 28

Gold's Upward Momentum: Unpacking the Recent Surge in Prices

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In the dynamic world of financial markets, gold has been displaying a noteworthy upward momentum. This surge can be attributed to a combination of factors, including lower bond yields and a weakened USD due to recent economic data releases. In this article, we'll delve into the intricate details of these developments and their implications for the future trajectory of gold prices.

Discovering a Foothold: Gold's Recent Performance

Gold, often considered a safe-haven asset, has shown resilience in the face of market fluctuations. Despite being possibly within a descending channel, gold found stability at the $1885 mark, leading to an upward shift in its value. This positive movement was largely influenced by a decline in bond yields, a trend that has been closely monitored by investors and analysts alike.

Weakened USD and Economic Data

One of the driving forces behind gold's recent surge is the weakened US dollar. This weakening was triggered by the release of crucial economic data points. The US Composite PMI for August fell to 50.4, significantly below the expected 52.0, indicating potential economic challenges. Additionally, the Manufacturing PMI dropped to 47.0, marking the lowest point in the past two months. These data releases contributed to the perception of a slowing economy, putting downward pressure on the USD and subsequently benefiting gold prices.

Navigating Resistance and Support Levels

As gold's journey continues, it's important to note key resistance and support levels. In case of a price decline below the $1908 level (200 SMA), bears could target the $1880 and $1885 resistance points. On the other hand, immediate upside risk could face restriction around the $1920 mark (20 SMA). These levels serve as significant indicators for market participants, guiding their trading decisions.

The Impact of Jackson Hole Symposium

A crucial event that could steer gold's near-term trajectory is the Jackson Hole Symposium. Scheduled for 10:05 am ET on Friday, this symposium will feature Jerome Powell, a key figure in the Federal Reserve. Powell's insights and statements during this event could influence market sentiment and subsequently impact gold prices. Investors are eagerly awaiting his remarks, as they might provide valuable insights into the future direction of the economy and monetary policy.

Evaluating Gold's Upside Potential

While gold has experienced a recent surge, there are factors that warrant caution when assessing its upside potential. The Federal Reserve's stance on the funds rate, with the anticipation of it remaining higher for a longer period, could limit gold's sustained upward momentum. It's essential to consider the evolving monetary policy landscape when gauging the precious metal's future performance.

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Evaluating Gold's Upside Potential

Pound's Resilience Amidst Dollar Weakness

Interestingly, amidst the backdrop of a weaker US dollar, the British pound has shown resilience. The GBPUSD pair weakened to $1.2716, as traders digested the UK's equally weaker-than-expected PMI data. Notably, the latest UK Private Sector Output declined the most in 31 months, painting a picture of economic challenges in the UK as well.


In conclusion, gold's recent upward momentum has been fueled by a combination of factors, including lower bond yields and a weakened US dollar due to economic data releases. While this surge has captured the attention of investors, it's essential to consider both downside and upside risks, including potential resistance and support levels. The upcoming Jackson Hole Symposium adds an additional layer of anticipation, with its outcomes likely to influence gold's trajectory. As the markets remain dynamic, staying informed about these developments is crucial for making well-informed investment decisions.


  1. What caused the recent surge in gold prices? The surge in gold prices can be attributed to lower bond yields and a weakened US dollar driven by disappointing economic data.

  2. What are the key resistance and support levels for gold? Gold could face resistance at $1880 and $1885 if it falls below $1908 (200 SMA). Immediate upside risk might be restricted around $1920 (20 SMA).

  3. How might the Jackson Hole Symposium impact gold prices? The Jackson Hole Symposium, featuring Jerome Powell, could provide insights that steer gold's near-term trajectory based on the Federal Reserve's stance.

  4. Why is the weakened USD significant for gold? A weaker US dollar makes gold more attractive to investors as a safe-haven asset, contributing to its upward movement.

  5. What's the outlook for the British pound amidst dollar weakness? Despite dollar weakness, the British pound has faced challenges due to weaker-than-expected UK PMI data, impacting its performance.

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