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Graphical representation of TUPAN Minting available in Safir backoffice

TUPAN Minting is not an everyday reality. Instead, it uses a highly technically innovative procedure that still has plenty of potential for the future. Even if new tokens are not added every now and then, even for several days, it does not mean that the breakout is aborted (which would not be technically possible due to the algorithms).

The reason is only that the respective TUPAN nodes are influenced by the 4 phases.

Phase 1: Pollination

Phase 2: Irrigation

Phase 3: Blooming

Phase 4: Harvest

And also by connecting to Oracle (live data from the real world).

Complex data sets presented graphically
Graphical representation of TUPAN Minting

To make this even clearer and more comprehensible, you can now "watch" graphically in the SAFIR back office under the "TUPAN" menu item for each activated root node through which the process is currently running. For this, very complex data is transformed into a graphical representation. This has probably never been done in this form anywhere in the world before. Just click the drop-down button in front of each masternode - and watch!

Even this "little thing" is technically far from being one.

BUT: We make it possible.

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