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How I made 120$ in 30 minutes with the CoinCasso cryptocurrency exchange

CoinCasso first cryptocurrency exchange in which users with CCX tokens receive a monthly dividend from the turnover.

Hi. Today, a short post about how I earned 120$ on one transaction on the new CoinCasso cryptocurrency exchange

On September 7, 2020, a few days after the new Basic Attention Token was added, I watched the markets on CoinCasso and noticed BAT's offer to buy for $ 0.33 apiece. On the second Binance exchange where it trades, the token is trading at $ 0.2521 apiece. I did not think for a long time, I quickly bought the tokens at a lower price on Binance and quickly transferred them to the CoinCasso wallet. After a few minutes the tokens were in my account and I sold them for $ 0.33 in the amount of 1682 tokens, which is a profit of 123$.

screens of buying and selling

Buy Bats on Binance exchange

Sold on CoinCasso

USDT withdraw

Here you can create an account on the CoinCasso exchange

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Here you can create an account on the Binance exchange

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