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How load websites faster ? The answer is simple-Brave Browser

Brave is an unusual web browser that lets their users navigate through the internet and display content. Just like most of the web browsers, it’s also free to use.

The unusual part is that it’s anti-ad. From the minute you’re going to download brave you’re not going to see a single Ad unless you want to. Although it won’t block search ads. Every tracker will be blocked.

You know the ads that follow you around all the time? The annoying 0nes? Yeah, you don’t have to worry about those anymore.If you’re one of those people who enjoys watching ads, kudos to you because brave will pay you for that. You can turn on ads and brave will pay you a small amount of their Revenue.If you’re a publisher you can get verified with Brave and earn 70% of ad revenue on your website, YouTube Channel or Twitch Channel.

Earn rewards and support content creators.


Earn frequent flier-like tokens just for browsing

Turn on Brave Rewards to earn frequent flier-like tokens for viewing privacy-respecting ads. You can set the number of ads you see per hour. Currently you can support your favorite web creators with your tokens, but soon you’ll be able to spend tokens on premium content, gift cards, and more.

My Brave after a year and a half of use

I highly recommend Brave Browser, I am very happy with it. It blocks ads, pages load much faster, saves cellular data and you can earn dollars in addition. What more could you want ?

Download on PC/Android/IOS

More about Brave Browser

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