How start investment in Smart Trade GO - Crypto DeFi trading tools bots.

How to properly start investing in trading tools (Bitcoin, Ethereum, DeFi finance) from Smart Trade GO. Step by step.

Due to the large number of inquiries on how to start working with Smart Trade GO, I am placing today's post showing you step by step how to get started.

Okay, let's go!

1.Registration on the Smart Trade Coin GO investment platform

(Register HERE)

The first step will be to create an account. I wrote a post on this topic before, you can find all the information here.

2. Cryptocurrency deposit (Bitcoin or Ethereum) and depending on the investment amount, purchase status.

Now you need to transfer the amount of cryptocurrency you want to invest. The bot has to turn something ... And depending on the amount, you can choose one of the two premium statuses (silver or gold)

On the main page, go to the Finance tab and select Payin

the Payin panel will open. We have a choice of Bitcoin, Ethereum and two tokens issued by Smart Trade Coin: Trade and Hybrid .

You deposit cryptocurrencies into your wallet at STC.

after 3 confirmations from the Btc network or 5 from ETH, the cryptocurrency will appear on your wallet

Depending on the amount of investment, you will have to buy one of two premium statuses

3. Purchase of a trader's tool (Bots)

After the payment is credited to your account, you can proceed to the last step, which is purchasing trading tools.

In this post I am purchasing a DeFi bot

Go to the DeFi investemnts tab and press Panel

The DeFi investment panel will appear. Current earnings for the last 7 days, current balance and a window for buying trading tools

We are interested in the bottom window. Start an investment in DeFi

Investment type :Bitcoin or Ethereum

Time how many bot should work a few options to choose

  • 30 days

  • 60 days

  • 90 days

  • 120 days

  • 180 days

  • 360 days

And the last option is how many funds you want to invest

In this post I am buying a tool for $ 1900

After choosing the configuration we choose Start. The bot starts working from one second from purchase

After confirming the purchase, a green text will appear at the end informing us about the successful purchase of the tool.

And that's it, the bot has already started working. We can go to the List of Defi tools tab to see our currently working bots.

As you can see, the tool I just bought is already working.

Every day around 10PM we will see the earnings from each of our positions.

Now you can only check your profits every day;))

Make your account here and check the possibilities of trading bots

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