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How to exchange received Bat tokens (Brave Browser)

Updated: Jul 24, 2022

A guide on how to exchange Bat tokens over any other cryptocurrency or fiat currency

How to exchange received Bat tokens Step by step

Okey. After you downloaded the Brave browser (If you haven't done it yet. Click here) ​ The first thing we need to do is enter our Brave

Brave browser bat symbol

Click the triangle (Bat symbol). Top right corner

brave browser how verify wallet

In the new window, click Verify wallet

Ready to verify your wallet ? Brave browser bat token wallet

The same as before ​ After clicking it will take us to another page (

how join uphold and set bat tokens

After moving to We are going through the registration process. After successful verification process. We'll find ourselves on the Home page (

uphold home dashboard send token bat to exchange wallet

We choose the wallet with BAT tokens ​ We will see new page What's next ?

We choose the third option

list of coins and tokens on uphold

Select Basic Attention Token (BAT)

Ok. Let's stop for a moment. What now ? Now we will need an account on the cryptocurrency exchange (on which there are BAT) ​ You don't have to look far.I recommend you one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges Binance ​ Register now from this link. And you will receive an additional 10% from my transactions ​

After successful registration. They were coming to the Wallets tab

Exchange Wallet, after find BAT in the list of currencies Click Deposit ​

wallets on binance exchange

On the right we will see a wallet to which we will send BAT tokens Click Copy Address

deposit basic attention token

Now paste your address into the window in uphold ​

Enter how many tokens you want to send ​ You can enter a message (whatever you want) ​ And now you click Confirm