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How work Zeniq HUB ?

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

Do you know how the ZENIQ Hub operates?

ZENIQ Hub is a centralized repository of digital assets that allows asset owners to supervise their assets securely and also provides transfer or trading functionality.

The Hub comprises a monitor encased in a triangular unit with fingerprint connectivity.

This is a seven-inch high-definition touch screen monitor with two independent proces-

sing units. The device is about the size of a small tablet but differs in height. Setup can

be carried out intuitively with guidance provided through the touch screen. No additional

equipment is required for operation. Sockets for LAN and power connection

are located on the side of the device.

Zeniq Hub key facts

The ZENIQ Hub is a physical electronic product that will be manufactured in line with the highest international quality standards. The ZENIQ company identified and made preliminary discussions with producers at several sites. A signal of customer enthusiasm is the fact that from the first quarter of 2022 a large number of pre-orders were recorded. It will serve users to manage digital assets and conduct transactions on blockchain. In addition, the user can use multiple ZENIQ hubs and split up between them assets. For example, you can purchase 10 hubs and distribute assets on each of them, instead of keeping all assets in one hub. Access to multiple Hubs will allow users to further mitigate security risks by not holding all their digital assets in one device.

The Hub comprises two elements:

Cold Wallet - A cold wallet will allow users to store their digital assets offline in a manner

completely separated from internet access. The cold wallet is disconnected from the internet and, as such, will minimize cyber security risks.

Hot Wallet - A hot wallet will enable the storage of digital assets through electronic software, such as a mobile application or web portal. The hot wallet will comprise high-end

verification processes to safely secure the users’ digital assets, given that users will have

to connect online.

The ZENIQ Hub “Hub” is a hardware device used by the community to access a cold wallet, a hot wallet, an exchange and a minting unit. It is one of the first devices of its kind.

An added advantage to the Hub is that it allows the mintage of the ZENIQ Coins. To clarify matters, the minting process will not recreate ZENIQ Coins by itself. The minting process will only signal information to the miners. ZENIQ Coins will be created decentralized by permissionless und unknown miners, exactly the same as for Bitcoin. For constant production of ZENIQ Coins by miners, ZENIQ Hubs must be permanently connected to the power supply and the Internet.

Key benefits that you can find in the ZENIQ Hub are:

  • Primarily, the Hub provides security, which is one of the biggest issues facing the cryptocurrency world today.

  • Fast connection to the ZENIQ app and access to the future ZENIQ exchange

  • Hub produces ZENIQ Coins from the first day after purchase (before delivery)

  • The connection to the mobile phone can be disconnected manually and quickly via the

  • touchscreen

  • No third-party services required

  • “Shield Technology” (QR Code)

  • This production is programmed for about 18 years. During this time, the minting process continues.

  • We have a limited amount of coins (ultimately around 600 million coins) will be in circulation.

  • Also because there is a limited number of Hubs 01 with full mining power.

Manage and secure your digital assets:

The ZENIQ Hub will be your personal digital asset management device. Thanks to this, users will be able to store their digital assets in one (or several) Hubs and have access to them at any time from any places via mobile applications. The assets will remain on the Hub unless they are transferred to and from the location or are subject to a transaction. In this way, the assets are kept in a safe place.

Trading digital assets:

Users can manage digital assets (coins, tokens, NFT etc.) on their own secure ZENIQ Hub. In the event of loss or damage to the Hub, all assets can be recovered quickly and without loss, using "Seed" to recover the private key, a safe and trusted recovery method. Over time, the goal of ZENIQ is to store all assets in the blockchain so that they can be traded via ZENIQ or other devices.

The Hub is a vault for all users of digital assets. The Hub utilizes LINUX as a secure, scalable operating system.

Benefits of LINUX are:

  • Every program in the application needs authorization from the administrator who is required to type in a password. This makes it less likely that any viruses will be generated.

  • Software updates in Linux are easier and faster

  • Linux does not collect a lot of data from users to ensure user privacy.

How to buy a zeniq hub?

If you already have an active account on the Safir platform, the purchase of Hub will not take more than a minute

In the Safir menu, select the Shop tab, then Blockchain Technology.

Then we choose the product we want to buying.

After selecting the product, the order confirmation window will open. The purchase is complete, the whole operation takes no more than a minute.