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Important clarification regarding inquiries regarding the Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA)

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

Important clarification regarding inquiries regarding the Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA) and ZENIQ Technologies.

Following enquiries with the Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA) regarding the possible registration or regulation of ZENIQ Technologies.

The DFSA has issued a clarification in this regard on its website on 5 December 2021. In this, it is stated, that ZENIQ Technologies is not, and has never been, authorised by the DFSA to provide financial services in or from the DIFC.

This is also FULLY CORRECT as ZENIQ Technologies in no way does or intends to do so. As a hardware and software producer, ZENIQ builds IT systems but does NOT provide or sell financial services

This confirms exactly what ZENIQ Technologies has always clearly communicated.

Furthermore, the DFSA refers and links in its statement to the proper registration of ZENIQ Technologies:

"... ZENIQ Technologies is a company incorporated in the DIFC and is permitted to carry out certain non-financial services activities in or from the DIFC."

See proper registration of ZENIQ by DIFC Dubai:

Thus, there is no warning from the DFSA regarding ZENIQ-Safir Technologies, but rather a CONFIRMATION of its registration as the correct company.

After this information or statement by the DFSA, various people felt obliged to spread their own misinterpretations. Unfortunately, we have to state here, with all due respect, that such activities can only testify to a lack of professional knowledge or expertise. The claims that "DFSA warns against ZENIQ" or similar are simply factually incorrect and cannot be found anywhere there. We do not wish to judge whether this was done out of ignorance/half-knowledge or even malicious intent.

For a better understanding:

ZENIQ is PRESENT in the "Financial District", but NOT a "Financial Institution"!

Comparable example:

Just because a company is located on, say, Wall Street in NY, does not necessarily make it a financial institution and it can also be, say, a bakery.

We believe that spreading biased and malicious allegations that are far from the true facts is more than reprehensible! We thank everyone who goes to great lengths to provide correct information and make an informed decision.

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