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Introducing SIDI Minting

The latest update from SIDI has arrived and it brings exciting news for the community.

SIDI Minting has been launched, introducing an innovative mechanic that creates additional value for its users.

SIDI Token community minting mechanics

The ZENIQ SmartChain, known for its exceptional performance and low fees, powers this new feature that results in an increased number of minting transactions. These transactions generate minting fees that directly support the coin burning of ZENIQ Coins, which in turn will have a positive impact on the price development of ZENIQ Coins in the long run. To witness the SIDI Minting on the ZENIQ SmartChain, users can simply visit

The SIDI Minting feature allows a HUB to take one of three roles. In the first role, the "SIDI SAND Token" is minted, while in the second role, the "SIDI SAND Token" is burned and the "SIDI BRICKS Token" is minted. Finally, in the third and final role, the "SIDI BRICKS Token" is burned, and the ultimate "SIDI Token" is minted.

After the final minting result, the SIDI tokens are distributed equally to the HUBs in roles 1, 2, and 3 (1/3 each). This means that the result is created through the interaction of the HUBs and the community, just like in real life.

Additionally, the SIDI team has also announced the rapid progress of the project's construction in Austria, promising more updates shortly.

It's important to note that due to the minting start, the SIDI master node presale has ended, and from now on, the algorithms of Time- and Sales-Halving will be applied.

In these global times of inflation and economic crises, it's wise to participate in real economic processes that offer value, and SIDI Minting offers an excellent opportunity to do just that. Join the SIDI community today and be part of this exciting new feature!

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