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Join Rebel Satoshi - Revolutionize Crypto with $RBLZ

Updated: Jan 16

Official logo of RebelSatoshi
Join the Rebellion with Rebel Satoshi: A New Dawn in Decenralization

Featured in Binance, MarketWatch, Bloomberg, Yahoo Finance, and Benzinga

Who is Rebel Satoshi?

Meet Rebel Satoshi, the cunning fox at the heart of a new cryptocurrency revolution. Alongside a band of disruptors known as the Recusants, Rebel Satoshi is more than just a character - it's the spirit driving a community-led meme token, $RBLZ, challenging the status quo of centralization and championing the cause of decentralization.

The Mission

With a clear goal to reach a 100 million market cap, Rebel Satoshi isn't just another token; it's a movement. It's about disrupting the traditional finance landscape and heralding an era of decentralization.

Token Details

  • Supply: 250,000,000

  • Blockchain Network: Ethereum

  • No Buy or Sell Tax

  • Symbol: $RBLZ

  • Listing Price: 0.025 $RBLZ

  • Token Name: RebelSatoshi

  • Decimals: 18

  • Audited by Securi-LBA

  • Contract Address: 0xdc75176f4dba6822c5d841af2947d0064ca8c1b3

Revolutionary Ecosystem

  • Unlock Fame & Exclusive Rewards: Join the Rebellion Secret Council (RSC), participate in clandestine meetings, and have a say in the rebellion's direction. Showcase your creativity with the Rebel Meme Hall of Fame and earn community recognition.

  • Rebel Artefacts Vault: Explore 9,999 unique NFTs, each symbolizing unity, courage, and defiance. Engage in a vibrant marketplace of exclusive digital art and collectibles.

  • Revolutionary Staking Hub: Participate in staking to support the ecosystem while earning rewards, contributing to the project's liquidity and stability.

Roadmap to Rebellion

  • Phase 1: Website launch, smart contract audit, and exclusive private sale.

  • Phase 2: Public presale, major marketing campaigns, building a community, launching community rewards, NFT collection releases.

  • Phase 3: Burn event, DEX listings, staking launch, more NFT collections.

  • Phase 4: Developing a P2E game and racing towards the 100 million market cap.

Join the Uprising

Be a part of this revolutionary journey. Our Discord and Telegram communities are exclusive to members. Join us, and let's redefine the future together.


Remember, Rebel Satoshi is a meme token embodying fun and speculation while highlighting the challenges in centralized systems. Cryptocurrencies can be volatile; profits and values can fluctuate. Always do your own research and be aware of regulations in your jurisdiction.

Join Rebel Satoshi in this exciting journey towards decentralization and be a part of a community driving change. Sign up, engage, and help shape the future of finance.

How to Buy Rebel Satoshi Tokens: A Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Verify Official Website

Ensure you are on the official Rebel Satoshi website: This is crucial for safety and authenticity.

Step 2: Onboarding Process

Once on the website, enter email to create account. Choose your preferred onboarding method: either 'Connect Wallet' or 'Register'.

Step 3: Registration and Wallet Connection

  • For Registration: Fill in the required information and follow the on-screen guide after registering.

  • For Wallet Connection: If you choose to connect your wallet, select from the suggested wallets, such as MetaMask. MetaMask Guide for reference.

Step 4: Making the Purchase

Follow the on-screen instructions to complete your purchase. You can buy tokens using a card or by selecting a cryptocurrency (Ethereum, USDT, BNB, LTC etc.). Choose the amount you wish to purchase. With code: REBELRISE20 you get 20% more tokens !

Step 5: Transaction Confirmation

Once the transaction is complete, you will receive confirmation on the website, in your crypto wallet, and via your recovery email.

Step 6: Dashboard and Token Claim

  • After purchasing, select 'View Dashboard' and set up a password.

  • Your tokens will be visible on the dashboard.

  • Note that you will be able to claim your tokens at the end of the presale. Full claim details will be provided closer to the time.

Security Assurance

Connecting your wallet to the Rebel dApp is risk-free. This action enables direct transactions with Rebel Satoshi, bypassing third-party exchanges. Rest assured, the system cannot interact with your assets unless you sign a specific transaction.

By following these steps, you can securely purchase Rebel Satoshi tokens and be part of the uprising! Remember, always verify the official website and understand the process thoroughly before proceeding

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