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LaToken Exchange will launch Solapoly (SLPY) and Avoteo (AVOTEO) IEOs

Upcoming IEOs on LaToken Trading Platform, new listings and giveaways

Solapoly token IEO on Latoken Exchange

Buy $500 in Tokens on LaToken Exchange and Get a FREE NFT!

Solapoly is an online board game which has a Play To Earn concept. It is a real estate game where players buy properties and earn rental income from these real estates. The players try to have the most properties and coin on the game. The winner gets token from the Play To Earn Vault. The project is a board game platform that has 3 legs - a Play To Earn Game, an NFT collection used in the game and a token.

Board games are one of the fun and educational games that people of all ages play with love. Thanks to board games, people both have a good time with their friends of family members and enter into a competetive environment. The rules of board games are simple and clear. Thus, it is possible for event those who do not have experience with the game to adapt quickly. Orientation time to board games usally takes a very short time. In addition, the game mechanics are designed to be universal so that the games are also culturally independent. In this way, people from all cultures can easily meet on the same board.

Solapoly brings together the game mechanics of board games, the accessibility of online games and the opportunities of the NFT world, resulting in the concept of Board Games 2.0. The NFT world has a potential to touch all areas of real life.

6 Steps That Make Solapoly Stronger

These 6 improvements create an economy in Solapoly Game and all of the transactions will be done with SLPY token

  • Solapoly Marketplace

  • Tournaments

  • Community

  • Game Streamers

  • Localization

  • Game Videos

Solapoly token informations

Avoteo on Latoken Exchange IEO

The team of Avoteo started on October 31, 2021 and is building a platform dedicated to empowering projects through funding while connecting the fields of crowdfunding, cryptospace, social media and finance. The platform doesn't require investors to invest with their own funds, but rather uses the tax on AVO token transactions to create a funding pool, which is then used to fund various projects that are voted and selected by AVO holders. Each transaction of AVO is subjected to a 10% tax out of which 4% is sent to the funding pool.

Project summary:

  • The democratization of crowdfunding

  • Empowering business ideas and projects

  • Combining crowdfunding, cryptospace, social media and finance

  • Attractive income opportunities for investors

  • Bonuses, physical coins and NFTs for investors

Voting will not only be used to rate the projects within the ecosystem, but it will also be used to choose the direction of Avoteo itself. On top of governance voting organized by the developers at crucial crossroads, it will also be possible for the members to suggest governance votes. If a proposed vote is supported by two-thirds of the community members and reaches a predefined minimum number of votes, it will be held as an official governance vote and the outcome will be respected by the developers.

Avoteo (AVOTEO) has set the goal to create a user-friendly and effective crowdfunding platform. An important place will be the project stage, where startups will be able to present their ideas. They will be able to embed texts, pictures, videos and social media feeds and get in touch live with their fans and potential voters if they wish. An important aspect will be the clear communication of the required funds as well as the goals and milestones of the project. The Project Stage is the place where potential voters can learn about startups and leave their vote for them.

Each project will be able to continuously gather feedback from the community through various channels. The project teams can then in turn use this input to work on and improve their ideas.

In addition to a bright idea, every project needs dedicated team members and freelancers from different fields to be successful. Avoteo supports the search for these talents with its own team finder aka. talent pool. Here professionals can offer their services and interested individuals can apply as team members. These can be graphic designers, programmers, lawyers, copywriters, community managers, translators, project managers and many other talents.

Avoteo token informations

Bonus program, silver coins and Avoteo NFT

Avoteo holds attractive incentives for token purchases. We give the following bonuses starting from an investment of $100:

• 14.03 – 28.03 → 40% Bonus

• 28.03 – 04.04 → 35% Bonus

• 04.04 – 11.04 → 30% Bonus

• 11.04 – 18.04 → 25% Bonus

• 18.04 – 25.04 → 20% Bonus

• 25.04 – 02.05 → 15% Bonus

• 02.05 – 30.06 → 10% Bonus

All Bonus tokens will have a vesting period of 9 months after the first listing of AVO (independent of the exchange AVO is first listed on). After 9 months 50% will be distributed, 3 months later the remaining 50% will be distributed.

Risk warning: Cryptocurrency trading is subject to high market risk. Please make your trades cautiously. You are advised that LaToken is not responsible for your trading losses.

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