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Many improvements have been activated in the Zeniq back office

Updated: Dec 5, 2021

As announced, new features have been added to the Zeniq Safir back office.

Backoffice enhancements activated

1.) Further simplification of menu navigation

2.) Info buttons with short explanations ("mouseover") for various topics in the back office.

3.) Extension of numerous menu items, e.g. under "Account / My Profile" the field "Shipping Information" for entering the delivery address for ordered products

4.) Listing/dates of the next live webinars under "Events & Webinars", optionally to be connected via Google Calendar

5.) NEW extensive menu item "Support / Help Center": numerous questions and answers on various topics, incl. topic-specific integrated ticketing system. This allows queries to be processed much more targeted and faster.

6.) NEW product category activated in SHOP: HEALTH TECH


Numerous product information is available in the back office under the menu item "Mediacenter" as video and PDF. Please inform yourself!

Would you like to join ? Make your account here and check the possibilities of Zeniq-Safir Ecosystem

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