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Mexican Peso continues to slump as USD/MXN buyers target 18.40 with the US Dollar edging up

Mexican Peso continues to slump as USDMXN coins cash towers forex

The world of international finance is in constant motion, and within this ever-evolving landscape, certain currency pairs often take center stage. One such pairing that has recently commanded significant attention is the USD/MXN (United States Dollar to Mexican Peso).

USD/MXN: A Snapshot

The USD/MXN exchange rate has been on the radar of traders, investors, and analysts alike. Recent market developments have seen the Mexican Peso (MXN) sliding against the US Dollar (USD), with the exchange rate reaching a three-day high of 18.39. This movement comes after it bottomed at approximately 18.23 during Wednesday’s European trading session.

Global Market Conditions

To understand the dynamics behind this shift, it's essential to consider the broader economic climate. As of late, the global market mood remains somewhat gloomy, primarily influenced by two key factors:

1. Corporate Earnings in the United States

Corporate earnings in the United States have been underwhelming, which has put pressure on Wall Street equities. As one of the primary engines of the global economy, the United States plays a pivotal role in shaping financial markets worldwide. When corporate earnings falter, it sends ripples throughout the investment landscape, leading to risk-off sentiments among traders.

2. Geopolitical Tensions

Geopolitical tensions, particularly in the Middle East, have further exacerbated the uncertain atmosphere in the financial world. These tensions make traders cautious, as they can lead to unexpected market shocks and disruptions in the supply chain, affecting global trade.

US Bond Yields

Another significant factor contributing to the rise of USD/MXN is the surge in US bond yields. The latest data reported in the United States revealed that Treasury bond yields have been on the rise. The US 10-year benchmark note rate, for instance, surged to 4.919%, representing a nine basis point increase. This upward movement in yields has underpinned the US Dollar Index (DXY), which gauges the value of the Greenback against a basket of other currencies.

The DXY advanced to a daily high of 106.52, thereby pushing the USD/MXN to even higher levels. This was further compounded by the absence of significant economic data in Mexico's economic calendar.

Key Economic Data

For traders and investors, staying abreast of economic data is crucial. In the United States, the Census Bureau recently reported a surge in New Home Sales, with a remarkable 12.3% month-on-month increase in September. This represented the fastest pace of growth since August 2022.

On the Mexican side of the equation, all eyes are now on the impending release of the Mexican Unemployment Rate on October 26. These figures have the potential to sway the USD/MXN exchange rate, depending on whether they meet, exceed, or fall short of expectations.

Inflation Trends

Inflation is a critical economic indicator with far-reaching consequences for currency exchange rates. It's worth noting that Mexico's National Statistics Agency INEGI recently reported that annual headline inflation in Mexico stood at 4.27%, slightly down from the 4.45% recorded at the end of September. This figure was also below the forecasted 4.38%.

The core inflation rate in Mexico, on a year-on-year basis, was 5.54%, just slightly beneath the predicted 5.6%. These inflation trends in Mexico can influence monetary policy decisions and, by extension, the performance of the Mexican Peso.

US Economic Data

On the other side of the border, the United States witnessed a noteworthy increase in its S&P Global Manufacturing PMI for October, which surpassed forecasts by reaching 50 instead of the anticipated 49.5. The Services PMI also exceeded expectations by recording a 50.9 reading, surpassing the consensus of 49.9. The US S&P Global Composite PMI came in at 51, above the previous 50.2 reading.

The Role of the Central Bank

The Bank of Mexico (Banxico) has been actively monitoring economic developments and making policy decisions. In its September meeting, the central bank chose to hold interest rates steady at 11.25%. Furthermore, it revised its inflation projections for 2024 from 3.50% to 3.87%, which is above the central bank's 3.00% target (plus or minus 1%). These decisions and projections have implications for the stability of the Mexican Peso.

What Lies Ahead

Looking forward, the focus in the financial world will turn to two key events:

1. Mexico's Jobless Rate

Mexico's upcoming Jobless Rate report will provide insights into the country's labor market and economic stability. Depending on the outcome, it may exert further influence on the USD/MXN exchange rate.

2. US Q3 Preliminary GDP Figures

The US Q3 preliminary GDP figures are also highly anticipated. The GDP is a fundamental indicator of a nation's economic health, and these figures can sway investor sentiment, affecting the performance of the US Dollar and, subsequently, the USD/MXN exchange rate.

Technical Analysis

From a technical standpoint, the USD/MXN pair exhibits a noticeable upward bias. Following the formation of a 'bullish harami' candlestick chart pattern, the pair rallied to 18.39 before retracing to its current levels, which are above the closing rate of 18.25 on October 24.

usd mxn price on Blackbull Market 25-10-2023


In the intricate world of currency trading, understanding the factors that drive exchange rates is paramount. Recent movements in the USD/MXN exchange rate are the result of a delicate interplay between economic data, global market conditions, geopolitical tensions, and monetary policy decisions. These multifaceted factors combine to create an environment of constant flux, where traders and investors must remain vigilant and well-informed.

As the situation continues to evolve, keeping a close eye on forthcoming economic data releases and central bank decisions will be essential for those with vested interests in the USD/MXN exchange rate. In such a dynamic landscape, being armed with the right information and insights can make all the difference in navigating the complex world of international finance.

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