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Minting-Shares of Tupan available in the SAFIR Store.

Minting Shares are part of the physical processor (full masternode), which is maintained and serviced for the user on request in the so-called in-housing. The smallest possible share for a full node is 1/32.

TUPAN masternodes as additions require a Carrier Node (ZENIQ masternode) as the technical basis. In the case of the TUPAN mining operation, this technical basis is provided by the ZENIQ masternodes activated for this purpose. If a user orders / activates a TUPAN Mining Shares, he will of course only be using the Tupan Mining Shares and not the corresponding node (Zeniq Hub).

ZENIQ is excited about the tremendous potential of TUPAN. Do something good for our land and benefit from it!

The full 1/1 Tupan add-on can also be purchased as a new customer (without having the Zeniq Hub as a supporting root node!) For only 1,298 euros

For Zeniq Hub owners, the full Tupan accessory costs only 998 euros as it is connected to its own Zeniq Hub.

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