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New affiliate system STC GO!

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

Dear Community!

With the upcoming exchange listing, Smart Trade Coin makes every effort to ensure that our TRADE token achieves the best possible results from the very beginning. As we have mentioned in previous newsletters, we want to significantly increase the population of our community. That is why we ask you once again to spread the information about Smart Trade Coin among family and friends. Therefore, we have expanded our affiliate program. From now on you have the opportunity to gain even more by referring to the services of our platform. We have prepared a new affiliate system based on the individual Smart Trade Coin GO! statuses, the period for which it will be purchased and the type of affiliation with referrals. From now on, regardless of the type of affiliation with your referrals, each user will receive 5% of the profit generated by the trading tool BOT of your referrals. A completely new feature is introduced in the case of Smart Trade Coin statuses. From now on, each referred status will be associated with a one-time referral bonus and a monthly or annual bonus if your referrals extend the subscription to the selected status. You can find a table below that explains how the new affiliate program works:

The new affiliate program allows you to earn significant funds for attracting new members to our community. We hope that we will soon be able to increase the number of Smart Trade Coin users. This will be instrumental to a successful start of the TRADE token and to profitable sales results during our debut on the exchanges. Smart Trade Coin offers many affiliate tools: links, videos and banners.

Recommend Smart Trade Coin and get even more! Together we can achieve great success!

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