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New Badges activated and an evaluated in Benefit Plan

Updated: Nov 13, 2022

Gel all badges possible, important steps that will massively support you on the way to your succes

Badges represent and mean important steps that the Zeniq promoter has achieved or implemented.

These steps significantly support the promoter on the way to achieving the goals he set. The more important the steps are set, the greater the probability of exceptional success!

This also applies to their own community: the more users in their own community achieve these badges, the stronger, faster and more balanced your network will be.

To be able to support your own community even better, the extended view was activated. In the menu item Network / Promoter Tree, as well as in Network / Downline, you can transparent which promoter has already achieved, which badges. For example, does this promoter already have a "certified promoter" badge (quiz for learning/understanding some basic topics)?

The achieved badges can of course be used for your own marketing purposes. For example, as part of the Account / My Profile , the following setting can be made: information available using a referral link.

It means: if your own recommending link is sent to the prospect, he can see at first glance - here is the promoter with already achieved steps - a good indicator!

Additionally assessed in the benefit plan

From then on, as well as with reverse power (already made), "contribution to expenses" on the global Summit Safir will be considered in the Safir benefit plan.

"Contribution to expenses" will be assessed in the Plan at the Uni-Pevel level in the first two levels of the recommendation (10% direct, 7% indirect), as well as in performance aggregates.

We recommend securing your place as soon as possible at the global peak. As usual in recent weeks before the summit, the remaining available places quickly become very rare.

The 2022 peak will not only be spectacular, but also determine the decisive milestone. Things that have been prepared for a long time will "see the light of day". Now - it's time, you should be there!

I already have my first certificate, and you?

Performance bonus payment (pool) for the month of October

Today, the result pool for the month of OCTOBER 2022 was calculated. For the first time, the additional mechanic of 3 subpools was used here (see screenshots / example). This gives anyone who actively promotes, supports and maintains their network the opportunity to significantly increase the value of their SharePoints.

For this month these were:

Sub-Pool 1: 9 Euro per SharePoint

Sub-Pool 2: 23 Euro per SharePoint

Sub-Pool 3: 43 Euro per SharePoint


Sub-Pool 1: If a Promoter remained below at least 4% new performance in relation to its own overall performance (historically) at the end of the previous calendar month), this Promoter thereby received for each SharePoint Euro: 9

Sub-Pool 2: If a promoter reached Sub-Pool 2 (at least 4% new performance in relation to the own total performance (historical) at the end of the previous calendar month), this promoter received for each SharePoint Euro: 32

Sub-Pool 3: If a promoter reached the Sub-Pool 3 (at least 8% new performance related to the own total performance (historically) at the end of the previous calendar month) he received for each SharePoint Euro: 75

In order to be able to transparently view the % development of the new performance over the course of a month, a view of this is available in real time for each promoter in the SAFIR Backoffice/Dashboard.


Since the cumulative monthly amount in the Performance Pool changes every month and therefore the amounts in the 3 sub-pools, as well as the number of qualified SharePoints per sub-pool, the values per SharePoint per sub-pool also change every month.

An already existing number of SharePoints (by reaching a career level) can also decrease again.


A promoter reaches the career level "Sapphire". For this purpose, the respective performance according to the benefit plan has been achieved. For this current month plus five more, this Promoter is now represented in the Performance Pool with 10 SharePoints. If this promoter does not exceed the respective performance (Sapphire) within these six months or at least reaches it again, the promoter will fall back to the corresponding number of SharePoints in the 7th month, based on the performance of the last 6 months. The "Sapphire" position in the Benefit Plan will of course remain.

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