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News from CoinDeal cryptocurrency exchange 25-07-2020

Voting starts in a few days!

Nominations have ended! We have TOP10. Thank you for participating.

We've already chosen the cryptocurrencies, which will join the voting ranking. Remember that by casting votes in the voting, you will earn CDL Tokens. Last time, you could get even 124 CDL (about $4).

For every vote, you get #Coindeal Tokens from the 60,000 pool! Every vote earns and every vote matters. In total, out of all past votings, we were giving away 380,000 #CDL Tokens worth over $10.000. Votings were attended by more than 4400 users, who could get up to 780 CDL Tokens, worth around $23.

The voting starts on 27th July.

Delisting from CoinDeal!

We would like to inform you that with the day of 31st July, the Fantasy Sports (DFS) and DeepOnion (ONION) will be delisted from CoinDeal. We kindly ask you to withdraw your funds as it will be not possible after the appointed date.

We have winners!

The first part of our partners’ competition CoinDeal Derivatives has been solved. You can already see the list of winners here. Congratulations to everyone who took part in the competition!  We encourage you to participate in the second stage at #DEMOCoinDeal Derivatives!

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