Newsletter from Smart Trade Coin 02/2021 | History about STC | Upcoming 4th anniversary

New messages from the Smart Trade GO team, summary of the last 4 years. The upcoming fourth birthday of Smart Trade Coin.

Dear Users of Smart Trade Coin trading tools.

Every anniversary is a time for analysis and reflection. On the occasion of the upcoming 4th anniversary of Smart Trade Coin on the market, we would like to present to you our history and our achievements so far. We will also present our current tasks and preparations for implementing new services.
Smart Trade Coin was founded by Dennis Nowak in 2017. The main idea behind the development of STC products was to create tools that would allow anyone to effectively trade and invest in the digital currency sector. At that time, cryptocurrencies were a part of the interest of main experts and experienced traders. Our goal was to build a system that would create the best conditions for all users, regardless of their knowledge and experience.
The conducted ICO confirmed our thesis about the significant demand for this type of service. The ICO was a great success. Thanks to it, we started a dynamic development of our products. An important event was the creation of arbitrage software and a fully functional platform Smart Trade Coin Go!
The next stage was the takeover of Smart Trade Coin by American Capital Company. The increased interest in the crypto sector among Indian companies resulted in the participation of these companies in Smart Trade Coin.
An important personnel change became the assignee of the new CEO of STC, which became Ganpat Singh. Since then, there has been a significant strengthening of the Smart Trade Coin GO! platform. Last year we successfully conducted the Hard Fork process. Thanks to it, the HYBRID token was issued, which, like the already existing TRADE token, will be published on international crypto exchanges in the nearest future.
All our actions are conditioned by the good of our users. We make every effort to ensure that our system is transparent and offers the best trading solutions on the market. Therefore, we are constantly expanding our offer with additional products and services.
At the moment we are in the testing phase of our newest product - the Smart Trade Coin App. This unique tool will allow for comprehensive handling of all processes related to the management of crypto assets on multiple exchanges simultaneously. Advanced strategy creation system will allow to make the most of trading and together with other features will bring even more profits to users.
Due to the dynamics of the cryptocurrency sector development in recent months, a decision has been made to expand the services of the STC GO! platform with the possibility to invest in the DeFi sector. With the inclusion of prominent experts in this field in our team, we will be able to provide our users with the most modern and profitable solutions, which will have an impact on the possibility of benefiting even more from trading through our platform.
And finally, one of the most important events will take place on March 15, 2021. The TRADE token will be published on the crypto exchange. This will allow all holders of our token to maximize its potential.

As history shows, Smart Trade Coin has gone through many transformations with the goal always being the benefit and profit of our users. It is thanks to you that we are at this place and we believe that the best is yet to come. Thank you for your commitment and trust.

Yours sincerely,
Smart Trade Coin Team

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