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NOMO App powered by ZENIQ is now available on the Apple iOS App Store.

Nomo App is now live on apple ios app store
Exciting News NOMO App Launches on Apple iOS App Store

ZENIQ are thrilled to announce that the NOMO App powered by ZENIQ has finally launched on the Apple iOS App Store. Our innovative and cutting-edge app is set to change the game for ZENIQ users everywhere, with its advanced features and state-of-the-art technology.

One of the most exciting features of the NOMO App is the decentralized messenger function, which is the world's first true decentralized messenger with crypto connectivity. This revolutionary feature will have a significant impact on the crypto world, and we're proud to be at the forefront of this development.

Due to the complexity of these features, it took some time to get the iOS version approved by Apple. As a result, the current version of the app has been reduced to the minimum, including cryptowallets with the function to connect to the SAFIR backoffice. Unfortunately, Apple didn't release the latest version of the app, and there may be some error messages when using this version. However, our team is already working to ensure proper use by means of the next update, which we plan to release soon.

We recommend waiting a few days for the next update before downloading the app, but we're confident that the published basic version will still be a great starting point for users. We'll be implementing additional features via updates to the app in the coming weeks and months.

As an additional service, we're also working on a desktop version of the NOMO app (for Windows, Apple, and Linux), which is planned for release at the end of Q1. We're excited to continue developing this product and to reach millions of people with great products and services by working with our collaboration partners.

Download the NOMO App now and unleash the power of the ZENIQ Smart chain on your mobile device. Keep an eye out for more features coming soon!

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