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NOMO Messenger: The World's First REAL Decentralized Messenger

NOMO Messenger - The Future of Messaging is Here!

Nomo Messenger by ZENIQ is ready for download !

The world of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency has taken a major step forward with the launch of the BETA version of NOMO Messenger, the world's first real decentralized messenger. NOMO Messenger is a part of the ZENIQ ecosystem, a massive technical infrastructure that is set to take a global leadership role in the blockchain and crypto industries in the future.

NOMO Messenger is more than just a messaging app; it is a fully-featured eco-system that is set to contribute massively to crypto mass adoption worldwide. By connecting to numerous other functionalities on the NOMO app, such as Self Custodial crypto wallets, NFTs, staking capabilities, swap function, and more, it offers unparalleled levels of privacy and security.

The basic Messenger functions and features will be introduced step by step via soft launch, which is currently underway. The Messenger offers a range of features, including chat function, group creation, picture, and document sharing, voice messages, and more. Audio calls are planned for the next version update, while video calls and video sharing will be activated in phase 2.

One of the most exciting features of NOMO Messenger is the ability to send Crypto Assets directly through Messenger. With this feature, there's no need to enter wallet addresses anymore, making it incredibly easy and convenient to send and receive crypto assets.

The updated version of the NOMO app is available for free download for Android in the Google Play Store and also for iOS in the Apple Store from now on. However, it's worth noting that this is still a BETA version, and occasional error messages may occur while using the Messenger. Since an error tracking system automatically reports these error messages to the programming team, they will be fixed step by step afterward by version updates.

In conclusion, the launch of NOMO Messenger represents a major milestone in the world of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. With its unparalleled levels of privacy and security, it is set to contribute massively to crypto mass adoption worldwide. So, download NOMO Messenger now and experience the future of decentralized messaging!

Say hello to the future: Presenting NOMO Messenger & Desktop Version.

👉🏽 NOMO Messenger (Beta Version): The go-to chat feature in the Nomo App Powered by ZENIQ lets you share digital assets with anyone, anywhere in the world.

👉🏽 Desktop Version (Beta Version): A decentralized desktop application that allows you to manage your assets across multiple blockchains easily.

ANDROID (Google Play)

IOS (Apple Store)

Join the global blockchain and cryptocurrency revolution today by becoming part of the innovative ZENIQ ecosystem and using the world's first decentralized messenger, which provides you with full privacy and security in communication.

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