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Official start of the AVINOC STAKING

official start of the avinoc staking

After a successful introductory phase with safety limits, AVINOC STAKING and with it SAFIR STAKING HINTS are now officially launched.

Another update of the ZENIQ app has been uploaded to the stores (please be sure to update on your own smartphone). The limit of 10,000 tokens per staking has been lifted. Only the limit of 250,000 tokens for stakings over 15 years is still valid.


Those who want to use the "possibility #2" of Staking to receive double the amount of Staking Rewards must first CORRECTLY connect their ZENIQ App to their SAFIR Backoffice. Only THEN must the staking of AVINOC tokens be activated in the app.

This is displayed on the ZENQ App as "Network bonus active" (blue box). If the message "Network bonus inactive" (red box) is displayed there, please reconnect again:

  1. Update the ZENIQ App

  2. Reconnect ZENIQ App with SAFIR Backoffice

  3. Load ETH to wallet (ZENIQ App) (to pay network fees)

  4. Perform staking

Happy staking

Zeniq&Safir Technologies Fintech Enterprises

What solutions does Zeniq offer?


  • Simple, uncomplicated access to the crypto world – for EVERYONE!

  • Maximum protection of digital assets

  • Legal protection of unauthorized third-party access (owner or holder?)

  • Fusion of the crypto world and the existing financial world

  • The link between crypto world and trade (online & offline)

  • ​ Asset accumulation for everybody

  • ZENIQ Coins (EXCLUSIVE in-house minting for Safir)

  • Decentralized exchange (with minimal fees)

  • Trillion market tokenization

  • And much more

Make your account here and check the possibilities of Zeniq-Safir Ecosystem(click)

All informations about ZeniqTechnologies Fintech Enterprises(click)

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