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Revolutionary Aviation Booking Platform AVINOC Migrates to ZENIQ SmartChain

AVINOC and VOO: A Revolutionary Concept for the Global Aviation Market

AVINOC is migrated to the ZENIQ SmartChain

AVINOC, along with the VOO platform it operates on, is one of the most innovative cryptocurrency projects in the world with enormous potential for the future! In the future, VOO will allow for booking private flights, cargo transport, or even medical flights as easily as booking a hotel online. This is a revolutionary concept for the billion-dollar global aviation market. The unique solutions that VOO offers in this regard surpass many existing solutions. This is a huge foundation that has been prepared over the years and will change the aviation world step by step.

Over the past few months, many people have already taken advantage of AVINOC staking opportunities, significantly increasing their AVINOC token holdings through staking rewards. However, this process requires basic knowledge of cryptocurrencies (creating a MetaMask wallet, purchasing AVINOC tokens through MetaMask, etc.). Soon, this task will be much easier - actually, directly in the NOMO app.

A big step has been taken to make this possible - the migration of AVINOC from the Ethereum Blockchain to the ZENIQ SmartChain! Furthermore, updated versions of the NOMO app are available for free download on the Google Play Store and Apple Store. On these platforms, you can already add the AVINOC ZEN20 token (operating on the ZENIQ SmartChain). Staking with AVINOC ZEN20 tokens is also possible.

Of course, the AVINOC ETH token will still be available. Trading pairs that allow for direct purchase or exchange of AVINOC ZEN20 tokens in the NOMO app, including the AVINOC Staking NFTs/ETH to AVINOC STAKING NFTs/ZEN20 conversion feature, are being prepared. We will inform you when additional features are activated.

We are very pleased with this important step, which will further support the positive price development of AVINOC! The huge interest in AVINOC and VOO makes us extremely positive. Great things are happening - let's go with VOO!

You want to know more about AVINOC and VOO?

See the recording of an AVINOC webinar with Gernot Winter (Co-Founder and Partner of AVINOC and VOO) in the SAFIR Backoffice under the menu item "AVINOC / About AVINOC". A new webinar will be made available shortly in this regard. A lot of great things have happened since recording the webinar, which is currently available in the back office.

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