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Smart Trade Coin Afiilate Program and more.

Dear Community!

Affiliate programs are becoming increasingly popular in many companies around the world. Thanks to them, companies get a chance to develop as they are a perfect complement to traditional advertising campaigns.

We would like to share with you some tips that will allow you to increase revenues from Smart Trade Coin GO! How to do this? It's very simple!

Smart Trade Coin has developed an advanced affiliate program that will help you to invite new people to our platform. Every user who makes such referrals will receive additional bonus. This is a great opportunity to increase the profits from trading tools BOT even further.

Affiliate program includes links, banners and advertising videos. Each user receives individual URLs for these tools. This allows you to see precisely and accurately how many people have taken advantage of your invitation and how much extra reward you will receive.

This remuneration is also dependent on the activity of the user who will follow your recommendation. Thanks to the people you invite, you can get 1% of the profit generated by the BOT trading tool of your referrals or 10% of the profit from the status recommendation in the Smart Trade Coin GO! Affiliation tools and access for a list of users who have taken advantage of your invitation can be found in the "Affiliate" tab in the Smart Trade Coin GO! system.

We do not impose any restrictions on the distribution of invitations. You can send them in emails, messengers or place them on your websites, blogs, etc. Everything is up to you.

Increase your profits with Smart Trade Coin! Help us create a great community of people who are satisfied with effective trading.

Smart Trade Coin

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