Smart Trade Coin GO I withdraw earned bitcoins from my bot after 55 days . Over 20% of the amount in

I am withdrawing profit from one of my positions. Earnings over 20% in 55 days from the amount invested. Almost 500 $ !!!

Hello. Today, on 01/10/2021, I decided to withdraw a profit from one of my trading bots. On 11-16-2020 I bought a Bot for $ 900 in bitcoin (0.05521800 BTC). after 55 days, the bot earned me over 20% of the amount invested, which is almost $ 500. I present everything in the screenshots below


In Crypto

The scenes show the amount of investment, working time, and earnings in USD and percentages

2020-11-16 05:13:15 i bought a bot

Withdrawal of the profit.

0.011 Btc gives us a profit of $ 470 in less than 2 months.

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