Smart Trade Coin / Oceans Enterprise 2021 Roadmap details We are constantly developing

Details of Smart Trade Coin / Smart Trade GO development plans for 2021.

Today we are back with more information about our assumptions. This will give you insight into the implementation of our latest products and services.


March 15, 2021, is the date of the first TRADE token listing. This is one of the most important events for which we have been preparing for a long time. TRADE will appear on the LATOKEN exchange.


STC APP in BETA version has already been released to a group of users for testing. In April, we plan to make this version of the app available to every user. This will allow you to test the services available in the app: trading, creating investment strategies, and much more.


In May, it is planned to launch the possibility of partial payment of Smart Trade Coin membership using TRADE. This will enable you to effectively use your tokens to continue effective trading and investing through Smart Trade Coin.

In May, we plan to expand our marketing efforts and publish the TRADE token on another exchange.

At that time, we also plan to include additional trading options - binary options. They allow you to predict the direction of the price of a selected asset (decrease or increase to a certain level) and generate additional benefits when the prediction is correct. The new service will increase investment opportunities because it will not be necessary to buy a particular asset and derive possible benefits only from the increase in its value. In the case of binary options, the investment is made by purchasing contracts and determining the approximate value of the asset at a certain time.

After making STC APP available in the BETA version to all users we plan to finish the testing phase and release the full version of our application. STC APP will be a paid version and making the payment will also be possible using TRADE.


To increase the usability of the TRADE token, we plan to publish it on the next exchange.


In July, we plan to launch a new service on the Smart Trade platform Coin GO! - leverage. This is a tool that allows an investor to have much more capital than he has. Leverage is the ratio of one's funds allocated for investment to the amount of money available. Using this option will increase your investment opportunities. It will also allow users with limited funds to trade effectively based on the finances provided by Smart Trade Coin.

We are also planning to publish the TRADE token on another exchange for July.


On August 15, 2021, the second token from STC - HYBRID - will be published on a crypto exchange. As with TRADE, its first exchange of publication will be LATOKEN.


Following the publication of both STC tokens on crypto exchanges, we plan to enable trading on the Smart Trade Coin GO! platform using TRADE and HYBRID. This will significantly increase investment opportunities and make trading even more efficient.

We also plan to publish the HYBRID token on another exchange in September.


October will be an intense month when it comes to launching new services and products from Smart Trade Coin. We plan to incorporate a payment system that will allow you to pay for services on other financial partner platforms by using TRADE. We also plan to launch a new shopping platform. Its innovation will consist of the possibility to pay a part of the price of available products using TRADE.

In October we assume the publication of the HYBRID token on another crypto exchange, as well as the launch of the first material product from Smart Trade Coin - a debit card. It will allow even better use of the STC platform for financial transactions. It will offer unlimited online payment options. The partnership with a bank account will allow FIAT currency to be exchanged for crypto.


At the end of 2021, we plan to launch our own Smart Trade Coin exchange on the decentralized finance platform (DeFi). This step will allow for even more efficient trading, investment, and the best possible use of the potential of TRADE and HYBRID tokens.

The year ahead of us is rich in many new experiences. All our planned services and products to be released by the end of 2021 are always created with you - our users - in mind. We want to develop to meet your expectations and provide you with the best services and the best conditions for investment and trading. Thank you for your support and trust. Together we can achieve great success and become a leader in crypto trading worldwide.

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