Smart Trade GO is profitable? I show my bots and earnings for the last 7 days and order next payout

Are the Bitcoin and Ethereum trading tools from Smart Trade GO beneficial? My 22 week bot work report.

Welcome to another summary of the last 7 working days of my STC tools. Report from 04/10/2020 to 10/10/2020. A very good week, almost all days made me profit. I'm happy. Earnings this week of 42$ are a gain of 1.6% of the amount invested. In addition, I ordered another (already fourth) payment of my earned funds in bitcon (0.01478284BTC) (Its about 170$ on the day of writing the text)

as usual screenshots from the application

Oct 04- -2,11$

Oct 05- 9,07$

Oct 06- 15,28$

Oct 07- 4,53$

Oct 08- 12,75$

Oct 09- 1,37$

Oct 10- 0,47$

in total, that's 41,36$. In this month, STC tools have earned over $ 100, and we still have 2 weeks to go!

My Tools

History of trading

Here is my withdrawal order already in the transfer queue

As soon as Bitcoins will appear on my stock exchange wallet, I will post with screens post and a blockchain transaction ID

You can also find the previous YouTube video report

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Another report in a week. See you :)

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