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Some about the ZENIQ ecosystem.

Nowadays, when managing digital assets, we can find many threats. For this reason, today we want to tell you more about the ZENIQ ecosystem:

The zeniq ecosystem is based mainly on the Zeniq Hub physical devices and the Zeniq Coin

The ZENIQ Hub is the core of our ecosystem. The Hub is a physical device to store your digital assets on the highest level of security.

Device as an access key to all ZENIQ options including minting services

The ZENIQ Coin is a digital asset minted by ZENIQ Hub users to support and guide transactions on the ZENIQ Blockchain.

  • Limited amount of coins

  • The coins have huge potential for increase through

  • Limited amount of HUB 01 with full minting power

  • Annual halving

  • Weekly „profit distribution“ from the ZENIQ

  • Exchange for sustainable income

  • Tokenization of ZENIQ projects & others

You want to know more about our ecosystem and its parts?

Download our whitepaper in your language:

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