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Some About ZENCON Hackathon by ZENIQ

Updated: Jun 5, 2022

ZENCON by ZENIQ Technology what is this ?
What is hackathon?

What is a hackathon?

Hackathon is an event, usually organized by a technology company or organization, where programmers come together for a short period of time to collaborate on a project.

Apart from the competitive aspect, many hackathons also host workshops, guest speakers and connect participants with experienced mentors.

The ZENCON is a hackathon organized by ZENIQ&SAFIR to challenge our current technology and to develop new ideas and use cases on it, like our ZENIQ Smartchain. We received over 10,000 registrations in the run-up to ZENCON, and only the top 200 received an exclusive invitation to the hackathon.


As you all have noticed, ZENCON is inevitable.

ZENCON is a mega event that many have been waiting for.

Because: It will forever change the perception of ZENIQ in the global cryptocurrency market.

But also for us, as the Safir Community, AFTER ZENCON nothing will be the same anymore.

Many of you have been with us for over a year and have already used this important pioneering phase to lay the foundations for your future.

Some of you have already done great things and have achieved great things as a result.

For some, the journey with Safir was breathtaking and life-changing that no one would have expected.

Many thanks again to the entire team!

No matter how long you have been with Safir or where YOU are today, in the coming days and weeks it is again in your own hands where your journey with Safir will take you!

At ZENCON, not only are 200 select programmers from all over the world working on blockchain solutions and applications for the ZENIQ Smartchain, but at ZENCIN the ZENIQ Swap will also be presented, as well as a completely new minting project that offers you the chance to be there at the very beginning this time and to be able to benefit as much as possible.

  • A coin minting project that you can book in addition to your physical center and / or your inner center with 100% minting power / efficiency.

  • You have the chance to just hit the reset button as if it all started yesterday.

  • Absolutely brilliant and simply mega!

  • Get ready today and don't miss the start of a new coin project so that you can be a part of it this time from the start.

ZENIQ - Safir Technologies Fintech Enterprises

The next generation of crypto and fiat payment Seamless FIAT & Crypto Ecosystem for Finance and Investments

Full details of the ZENIQ project can be found in the link below, Be sure to check the functionality and profitability of ZENIQ & Safir Check how earn with Zeniq-Safir

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