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Something awesome is on the way in Zeniq Safir Fintech Enterprise

Zeniq Fintech announces that something amazing is coming !!!

In the coming days and weeks, we can look forward to some elementary updates. These are not only related to functional enhancements to the SAFR back office, but also additional service activations from our product partner ZENIQ for our Blockchain Tech product area.



In particular, we can look forward to the expansion in the Blockchain-Tech category related to the so-called "Staking Tips". The basic functions for the launch of staking tips have already been tested and would basically be ready to go, as scheduled. BUT: With the originally planned basic functions it should not remain now!

In addition, some strategic points will be put in place, which will surely bring even more joy to our community in the future than maybe assumed so far. However, the additional programming for this will still take a short time. The launch of the Staking Tips will therefore be slightly delayed again and will now take place in the month of March.

Due to the enormous added value for the community, which will result from this additional programming, we are willing to wait a little longer for the activation of the Staking Tips. If we were allowed to communicate at this point what exactly these added values mean for all of us, we are sure: Everyone would enthusiastically agree!


As work is currently being done on numerous functional enhancements to the ZENIQ App, there may be functional restrictions every now and then during this time.Currently, this concerns e.g. the functionality in the iOS version regarding the sending of ETH or AVINOC from the ZENIQ App. In the next days and weeks there will be updates of the app. It is therefore important to always download or have installed the latest APP version.


The app is both a display and an access key to digital values. However, these are not stored on the APP. All digital assets are always on the blockchain. Therefore, nothing can be lost even if there is a temporary display error or a temporary functional limitation of the app.


To put us in the mood for the upcoming changes, all customers and partners who decide to purchase a HUB (ZENIQ HUB with delivery or Minting Hub with in-housing) or have already decided from February 1, 2022, can expect something special:

For every purchased HUB (full masternode) you will also receive 200 AVINOC tokens as a free incentive (until further notice)!

Anyone who decides to buy masternode shares (minting shares) during the incentive period (or has already done so since February 1) will receive a corresponding proportionate number of tokens.

When does it start?

FROM NOW - AND retroactively from February 01, 2022!

A more detailed description will be provided in the SAFIR backoffice soon!

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