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Streakk launched the Christmas dedicated NODE.

Buy Christmas streakk node and get golden ticket and that will give you the change to win

Christmas NODE was launched, thanks to Streakk.

At Streakk, we push the boundaries and go above and beyond. This isn’t a typical node, it’s an extraordinary one. Buying this node provides fantastic benefits such as a jolly mood. Adding 10% staked tokens grants additional STKK (Staked). You’ll get our HOLIDAY edition Streakk’s Golden Ticket. Each ticket comes with a unique serial number that will give you the chance to EARN one of the 5 mindblowing Christmas prizes

This will definitely be a christmas you’ll never forget.

  • First Out of this World Prize The latest Tesla Model (Y) Car !!!

  • Second Spectacular Prize Rolex Watch

  • Third Amazing Prize Trip to Las Vegas Baby

  • Fourth Sensational Prize IPHONE 14

  • Fifth Fabulous Prize IPAD

So get into the Christmas Spirit and as part of the Streakk family, we wish you all the best of luck, and may all your dreams come true.

Start unlocking the potential of your crypto!

Install Streakk Wallet App or Update your app to the latest version. (Avaible in App Store & Google Play)

Open the NODE section in your Wallet

Delegate any of the cryptocurrencies available (BTC ETH USDT CARDANO DOT STKK POLYGON).

Additionally, at Streakk, we are more than proud to be moving closer to our main goal of achieving full decentralization.

We see this as a catalyst for restoring power and financial freedom to individuals. Indeed, thanks to the decentralized nature of crypto assets, you can regain control of your hard-earned money.

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